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10 Things Money can’t buy! No 1 will surprise you

May 23,

10 Things Money can’t buy! No 1 will surprise you

Despite the saying that money makes the world goes round, there are still things that money still can't afford.

Here is a lists of 10 Things money cant buy;

10. Love.
Love which is a natural gift to nature is one of the few things no amount of money can buy. Many people claim money brings happiness but come to think of it, will you still be happy if the money is no longer there? So you see Money can’t buy love.
9. Integrity.
Integrity is one attribute that money can never buy. For one to be a man of integrity that means that person can never compromise no matter what is at stalk. Integrity is one common principle that can never be acquire no matter the huge amount of money involved.
When you lose your integrity, you cant get it back even with your money.
8. Class
Do you know what it means for someone to have class? Do you also know you can have class without have money? You can decide to create a class of your own with or without money. So believe it, Money can’t buy class.
7. Patience
Patience Dog eats the fastest bone.. Lol It takes one courage to have patience. Sometimes there are some situations that you can’t control even with your money but all you need to do that moment is to have patience and wait.
6. Trust.
You can agree with me that money has caused many people to lose their trust. When money is involve many people becomes untrustworthy. Trust sounds common but very difficult for many to abide.
5. Common Sense
There’s a saying “Common sense is not common”. True! Because if common sense is common, everyone will have it and money can also buy it. So despite common being common, many people even with their money cant afford it.
4. Character
Character is like pregnancy, you can’t hide it. Character is one’s behavior, it is a distinguishing feature that involves a mental and ethical traits that makes a person. Your kind of person cannot be bought even with money. That makes us unique.
3. Respect
Respect they says is Reciprocal. Money does not guarantee you respect neither can it make you to have respect.
2. Morals
Morals involves standards of Behaviour and principles of right and wrong. One doesn't require money to have good morals.
1. Manners
a person's outward bearing or way of behaving towards others. it is also a way in which things are been done.
it is also a way of behaving toward people, especially ways that are socially correct and show respect for their comfort and their feelings. So money cannot afford you good manners weather you like it or not.
So these are some of the few things money cant buy. Feel free to add others things money cant buy in the comment section below.

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Comments (4)

Rosemary olukotun
Message hi pls tell me about your self
Wow that's so cool
Money can buy a love yes
That absolutely true. And also money can't buy life, please note that. It also an important thing in this world.

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