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Maybe Omah Lay Needs Another Pandemic to Score Another Hit Song

Oct 01

Maybe Omah Lay Needs Another Pandemic to Score Another Hit Song

Maybe Omah Lay Needs Another Pandemic to Score Another Hit Song. Omah Lay is finding it hard to score a hit song lately, or perhaps let's say one proper sound that will go mainstream as he did with his "Get Layd" and "What Have We Done (WHWD)" project. In this article, TrendyBeatz looked into Omah Lay's Career Trajectory, why he's finding it hard to score a hit song and what he could do.

One out of hundred problems artists face in the Nigerian music industry is staying relevant. This is also applicable to the music industry outside Nigeria. While this is a common issue in the music industry, it's also a bane faced by every creative outside the music scene. A small ray of waves beams brightly on you for a while and all of a sudden the problem of "what next to do" pops up. This particular problem has affected a lot of artists careers in the music industry and it looks like Omah Lay is currently experiencing the same thing. In 2020, Omah Lay's entry into the music industry was a shock. Like a thief in the night, he penetrated with hit songs like "Bad Influence" then he fed us with "godly" and "Lo Lo", Damn and "Confession". After this shocking dominance and the consistent uncanny ability to drop songs that make instant hits, everybody became a fan of the sonorous singer. In short, his debut EP "Get Layd" and sophomore EP "What Have We Done" were filled with hit songs. But these days, something is happening.

What Exactly Is Affecting Omah Lay's Sounds Lately?

No one can deny the fact that Omah, born Stanley Omah Didia, who was once a rapper, is inarguably a talented artist, and one of Nigerian best new generation artists. While we would never pray to go experience the gory moments of the 2020 pandemic, it looks like Omah Lay needs another lockdown to recreate the magic he concocted with the tunes he dropped that period.
Omah Lay Performing Live
The recent play out in Omah Lay's delivery makes it sound like the cosmos have decided the end is here, and just like everything else in life, music and pop culture operate on a cycle. It starts, it grows, it expands, it hits a peak, it declines, and it dies. That’s the cycle of life. Unlike what most people think, music isn’t just vibes and endless nights of ‘turn up’. Music is a product, which obeys all the laws of life. But are we saying Omah Lay's sound is declining? Well, maybe or maybe not. Recall that his first attempt at going International failed when he featured Justin Bieber. The song "Attention" received a whole lot of backlash from his fans. It's obvious in the song that something isn't good enough or not even good at all compared to his usual delivery and flow. On Twitter, some Netizens tagged the song "a waste of collaboration."
The Obvious Reasons And What To Do:

Nigerians get tired when you constantly give them the same sound and flogging the usual pattern. It's a huge task for upcoming artists, especially as after a sprinkle of stardom, they go deep in all their might and power on the same particular style that blew them up.
Omah Lay in Video
While it's also good to create according to the needs of the audience, artists have to be cautious too. In the short run, they vibe to it since it's what they want, in the long run, they grow tired as the law of diminishing marginal utility sets in. No one likes a thing for long. For Omah Lay, he's been on a run of flogging the same theme, the same style, and pattern. His songs have been on the same melody wavelength. Maybe Omah Lay's dwelling on his depression might eventually become his undoing.

However, Omah Lay can still switch the game up and catch the nip at the bud before it's too late by returning to the drawing board. This time, he can be in charge of the whole creative process deciding on what people should listen to. Sit down, relax and strategize on the next hit song because with the look of things, Omah Lay is one more project away from losing his essence in the industry.
Omah Lay Picture
Do you also think something, somewhere is wrong with Omah Lay's music lately? What's your suggestion or do you think Omah Lay should change the narrative or y'all are in love with his regular style of music? Let's hear your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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