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Chocolate City Releases September Compilation Tagged Soulytude. Stream and Listen Now

Oct 04

Chocolate City Releases September Compilation Tagged Soulytude. Stream and Listen Now

Chocolate City Releases September Compilation Tagged Soulytude. Stream and Listen Now. Soulytude Playlist is a Compilation of Hit Songs that are Food for the Soul. Chocolate City Music returns with another soul-stirring playlist for their monthly themed Soulytude Playlists - coined from the combination of the two words "Soul" and "Solitude."

The theme of the Soulytude playlist evokes the self-reflection of the mind and melodies that speak directly to the human mood and condition and arouse deep emotion.

The playlist is a perfect reflection of our activities during the months past, their effect, and the preparation on how to end this year, and planning for the years ahead.

The songs on the playlist consist of slow-tempo mellow tunes, upbeat sounds, hip-hop, and rhythmically inducing songs that send shivers down the spine. A relief to the mind and soul. This playlist is specially curated to create a soulful experience for the listeners and allow them to reflect on themselves.

The artists on the playlist are diverse, ranging from Ice Prince, CKay, and M.I Abaga to Brymo, and many more, with all of their best soul-soothing songs released under Chocolate City Music.

Chocolate City Soulytude Compilation

If you're a fan of honest lyrics and soothing music, this playlist is curated specially for you.

Click Here To Stream and Listen to Chocolate City - Soulytude Playlist

1. Whiskey - Ice prince ft Sunny Neji

Released in 2013. This emotional track is featured on Ice Prince's "Fire Of Zamani" album, featuring Sunny Neji. The duo flows seamlessly on a highlife beat. Horns and guitar usher in the flavoured rap music. Ice Prince with the storytelling rap. He reflected on the "Bolaji" & "Elizabeth" stories of people who lived fast and died young. Sunny Neji's voice would always stand out anywhere, and on this track, it does, albeit his verse was not lengthy. It was memorable.

2. Benni - Ckay ft Barry Jhay

Ckay featuring gifted singer and songwriter Barry Jhay, the son of the late Fuji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, on this one tagged "Beeni". The track finds the duo reflecting on life & God's mercy. The title, which means "Yes", preaches "No condition is permanent", and no one should ever be underrated.

It also passed a poignant message that one needs to be grateful to God, no matter the situation one in one's life. The song is a spotlight. It brings a charming ending to the album. Soft-tempo as the beat goes smoothly. Ckay shines brightly, while Barry Jhay's vocals give the chorus a perfect composition. Enjoy the tune.

3. Pray - Ice Prince ft Sound Sultan

On the Sound Sultan-assisted track off the "Fire Of Zamani" album, Ice Prince turns his famous freestyle into a slow burner. Talk about making lemons into lemonade. The "Galala" tinged beat.

This is Ice Prince's most effective collaboration. This song is perfect. The beat, verses and Sound Sultan" s vocals elevate this song to ART. The delivery. An instant classic, by all standards. We absolutely stan!

4. Always Pray For You - Nosa

If Nosa ever had a comeback single, this would be it. Everything about the song and its music video oozes class. This Afropop jam is an absolute classic! Songs like this introduced us to Nosa and, for that, held a special place in our hearts. The choral background voice gave it an emotional feeling. In its lyrical message, "And even if I far from you, You go always dey my heart this na true Na true I just wanna let you know say Whatever I do, I go always pray for you."

5. Ara - Brymo

"Olanrewaju" might be the recent hit, but "Ara" was the song that got everyone on their feet for Brymo.

Ara was one of the early records that added credence to Brymo's hitmaker status. Assisted by a creative vision, the Afro Pop song of the "Son Of Kapenta" album went on to become one of the most successful songs of 2012. It is one of the most acclaimed songs of his career, and it is the most danceable track in Brymo's catalogue. An entire bop!

6. Do You Know Who You Are? Take Some Time and Meditate On You - MI Abaga

Perhaps the most significant song in his discography, in terms of pop culture, "Do you know who you are? Take some time to meditate", sees MI Abaga reject old stereotypes, encouraging people to know about their roots. He collaborated with another king of pop stars in the game, Tay Iwar. The synergy is stellar on this song, and MI's verse is incredibly brilliant.

7. see Me - Brymo

Another masterpiece off "The son of a Kapenta", Brymo's second album. Slow, swinging, and soothing, "See me" stands out straight from the rest of Brymo's discography. Initially well received as a gem of a single, this song, like most of his albums, lives in our memories.

Listening again probably evokes the magic you felt when you first heard it. Released just after his debut album, it was a lovely glimpse into the beauty that was coming.

8. Stars and Light - Ice Prince ft Ruby Gyang

'I've been through the rain/been through the pain/been through a lot of sh*t/been through the same/I've seen a planet fall and the thunder causing the rain' spits Ice on the introductory track 'Stars and Light' featuring Ruby Gyang. The song is a subtle chronicle of Ice's rise to the spotlight and how he is still striving to become more. He gives the song a personal twist when he talks about his sister's best friend asking him for money. Great progression on the song. The guitar gives it that rock feel.

9. Dreams - Loose Kaynon ft Ruby Gyang

Loose Kaynon has officially engraved his name in the list of the forerunning rappers in Nigeria. In this track, Loose Kaynon aims for perfection in the 13th track off his "Gemini Project" album, in which he draws us in with pulsating synths. He reiterates his need for positive vibes only. With help from Ruby Gyang, whose alluring vocals lure us in further, Loose Kaynon comes out swinging with poignant lyricism from the very first line to the last line.

10. Kaabo - Koker

Released ahead of the yuletide season in 2015. Kaabo means welcome in the Yoruba language, produced by the versatile Pheelz Mr. Producer. It's insanely catchy.

Kaabo is arguably a perfect tune for the Christmas season and taps into the entire Nigerian Owambe culture. Danceable, with the guitar ticks flowing through the chorus.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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