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Ayra Starr 19 and Dangerous Album and Deluxe Review

Jul 18

Ayra Starr 19 and Dangerous Album and Deluxe Review

Ayra Starr's 19 and Dangerous Album and Deluxe Review. In This Article, Trendybeatz analyses how the “19 & Dangerous” Album Deluxe by Ayra Starr is a redundant attempt to push the original project. It offers a wide range of the artist’s versatility, with her style leaning towards Gen Z demography. She rode colourful bops and soulful records as she explored themes like love, mental health, self-awareness and others.

Mavin record Label has witnessed amazing female vocalists, from Tiwa Savage to Dija and now Ayra Starr. Without a doubt, Ayra Starr remains the most surprising breakout star the Nigerian music scene has seen in the last five years. The moment she got signed to Mavin, most music fans compared her to Tems before her joie de vivre style of music differentiated her. Arguably one of the most hardworking and consistent female artists in the music industry.

Ever since she came into the limelight with her debut single “Away,” Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe - the “Bloody Samaritan” crooner, has been a revelation, with her style of music tailored to include the vast and largely untapped potential of a Gen Z Zeitgeist: Although her entire style of music appeals to a certain age demographic, at the same time doesn’t alienate older audiences.

Ayra Starr 19 and Dangerous Deluxe Album Artwork Frontcover

Ayra Starr oozes Aaliyah, the late American pop star who defined R&B and Pop in the 1990s, because of her unique style of vocal texture and the Aliyah signature look: a combination of cropped tops on ripped velvet pants, red bandana and a pair of black shades. She is a fusion of Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, all wrapped together in one mortal body.

This Deluxe album is a follow-up to her debut. The deluxe follows a central theme like the original album, 19 & Dangerous. It’s commendable seeing her working on the flaws in her previous works. On this deluxe package, she added seven more tracks comprising two Refix, some of which Kelly Rowland, Zinoleesky, Lojay and Kayykilo feature prominently. She explores and experiments with various genres that were initially not in her playbook. She dares to express her dexterity and prove her prowess as the “New Generation Queen” for Afrobeats.

The deluxe album opened with “Cast”. It is a soulful record lacquered with Ayra Starr’s falsetto waxing eloquently. This track embodies raising a middle finger to anything people say about whatever happens. The hook’s mantra, “If I cast, yeah I cast, anything wey wan sup go sup”, nods at “no regrets” and “I don’t care” attitude to situations.

The mid+tempo beat “Fashion Killer” is an ode to Fashion pop culture. Ayra put in a good shift with impressive background vocals. It’s a lively tune produced by London.

Ayra Starr 19 and Dangerous Album Deluxe Backcover/ Tracklist

“Ase” is a Yoruba word which means Amen. The track chops up an evergreen Ghanaian ditty, reducing its dance rhythms and tempos, but the genius is the staggered drum patterns courtesy of London. Ayra Star raises her middle finger to the “Hypocrisy” and “wanna-be’s” attitude. In her words, she doesn’t want any part of it.

“Bloody Samaritan Remix” featuring Kelly Rowland isn’t as stunning as the original commercial tune. However, Kelly Rowland’s verse almost takes all the shine. The song comes with a catchy refrain in its hook that amplifies the “Dem no fit kill my vibe” rhetoric of the track.

On “Lonely Refix”, featuring Zinoleesky joins the catalogue of sad theme songs with a catchy beat. On this track, there is less sensuality & more introspection. Aided by an electric guitar, the two artists sing about loneliness. The lines “I’m lonely, Baby boy, I am sorry, joor, I be human being, oh I be human being, oh Miss your lovin” register emotion.

“Snitch” featuring Fousheé and “Toxic”, and “In Between” are three perfect soulful R&B records. “Snitch” and “In Between” showcases Ayra Starr’s range and versatility. It is a slow-tempo record with Asa-Esque production and impressive vocals from Fousheé. While “Toxic” explores the themes of loneliness and drug abuse, “Snitch” warns enemies of her “fuck you up” abilities.

Ayra Starr Picture 1

“Running” featuring Lojay is the most attention-grabbing song on the album. The pon-pon beat. Upbeat and serviceable with an efficient verse from the Afropop prince Lojay. Ayra’s verse has her craving for long moments as she assures her love interest of sustained presence. She sings: “Yeah, I might be playing games, But I’ve been hurt before, I don’t want to get my heart broken, No, I don’t wanna love no more, I’m always on defence, ’Cause I know you’re a striker, Seen a challenge, so you want more, But me I can’t give you anything ’cause”

"Beggie Beggie” is a groovy yet catchy jam. An Afro-pop tune that revolved around begging for love. Thematically similar to track five with Ckay’s contribution of a male point of view to the track. The “Ewo, Ewo, Ewo kilode oh” part rewards multiple listens. Ayra begged for a guy’s attention but also reminded him of how she was a gem and shouldn’t be treated anyhow.

Ayra Starr Picture 2

“Karma” is melodious and sees Ayra in his most reflective mode. As expected, it’s filled with a lot of emotions. It shows the downside of love. Ayra sings about “Karma”, which she regards as a good lover. The title is metaphoric. It’s a direct message to Karma repaying her former lover. She sings,
“He tends to mess with my mind
He fucks with all of my girls
But karma what goes around comes around”

“Bridgertn” is a punchy R&B named after the popular Netflix series. It is not her best track on the album, but it gives off a wow moment. It displays her versatility as an artist. The energy on this track is contagious. It is a trap-laced verse. Ayra Star oozed a bad bitch rap line verse like “I’m the queen, bow down,”

The highly infectious laid-back Afropop tune “Rush” is an anthem. Ayra Star touched on various themes in this song, especially money. She’s self-aware about her feat in the industry, and she brags about it flowing in excess in pop culture slang, “e dy rush, e dy rush well well” while also telling her haters to get a life, as she only wants to focus on money henceforth. It’s the second anthemic song on the album after “bloody samaritan”, which was produced by the Grammy-nominated producer “London”. The Amapiano- infused song rampaged her into the Nigerian music industry mainstream.

Ayra Starr Picture 3

On “Skinny Girl Anthem” featuring Kayykilo, It’s evident Ayra Starr had clowned for her lack of thickness, and this song is a response. She entered the studio to own it and write a meta record named “Skinny Girl Anthem” “I ain’t got no ass or no titties, But I’ll steal your man with my kitty Just a Look, and he’s with me..” It is a wild opening for an anthem, but Ayra Starr and the American rapper and singer Kayykilo both display their vulnerability to the fullest. It’s a self-appreciation song for skinny girls who might have low self-esteem about their stature.

In a religious country like Nigeria, ending the album on a prayerful note like “Amin” strictly follows the pattern of a Nigerian album closer. Reflecting on the good life and claiming it at the same time. She wishes her fans peace, comfort and a debt-free life.

Ayra Starr Picture 4

While we can attest that Ayra Starr’s “19 & Dangerous” album is good, this deluxe is more amazing in its sonic direction and thematic cohesion. There are points where the writing just doesn’t fit properly, leaving the producers to match up. However, one thing is certain, the songs her “TikTokable”, and some of the songs are hit-worthy. The major highlight of the deluxe album is Ayra’s consistent pop-culture references.

This deluxe version also has the effect of bringing back people’s attention to that main album. She gave the Deluxe her whole high energy. From its lyrics to her vocal delivery, she’s unrelenting in her confidence.

Do you think “Rush” has the element to outshine the hit status of “bloody samaritan” on the deluxe? What do you think about the deluxe and releasing it together with the pre-released singles? Do you think this Deluxe is a better update? Let’s know your thoughts!

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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