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A Review of Johnny Drille Home EP Album. Johnny Drille Home EP Album Creates Soulful Melody For Lovers and The Depressed

Jun 23

A Review of Johnny Drille Home EP Album. Johnny Drille Home EP Album Creates Soulful Melody For Lovers and The Depressed

A Review of Johnny Drille's Home EP Album. Johnny Drille's Home EP Album Creates Soulful Melody For Lovers and The Depressed In this project, Trendybeatz writes on Johnny Drille and creates a sultry tune that gives warmth and compassion for people with mental health issues, about love, relationship, true bond, friendship and family. Johnny Drille rigged into genres of music ranging from Highlife, Soul, Afrobeat and Afropop.

Born John Ighodaro, popularly known by his fans as Johnny Drille, has created a niche in creating soulful love melodies. Most often than not, his art and penmanship have been compared to international crooners like Ed Sheeran and Jon Bellion. He creates music for lovers, for people who believe in the power of loving, people who care about long-walk in moonlight nights and candle night dinners and are enthusiastic about the camaraderie that relationship has to offer. His kind of music has an occultic following, not evil in this reference, but he’s not the mainstream artist whose kind of music appeals to every audience.

He started his music journey in the city of Benin. Although he didn’t start with the kind of music he makes now, he was a part of a choir group in a church pastored by his father. After that, he started to learn about music production at the age of 15. As a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Benin, in Benin City. In 2012, Johnny Drille was one of the participants in the MTN Fame music talent show and finished tenth.

Johnny Drille Home EP Album Artwork Front cover
He didn’t stop chasing his dreams. He recorded songs and made covers of songs before he got the attention of Don Jazzy, The Mavin CEO. He was later officially signed to Mavin Records sometime in the early month of 2017. Ever since he got signed, he has been churning out quality music and maintained his personality as a Soulful love song artist. With his song “Romeo and Juliet” in 2018, Johnny Drille got nominated at the 2018 Headies for “Best Male Vocal Performance”, “Best R&B Single”, “Best Alternative Song”, and “Next Rated Artist” categories. Albeit, he didn’t win any of them.

On the 28th of October 2022, Johnny Drille released a short EP titled “Home” - a 6-track project with a running time of 15 minutes where he featured The Cavemen, Phyno and Adekunle Gold.

Johnny Drille Home EP Album Artwork back cover
The album opened with the eponymous track “Home” featuring the highlife maestro “The Cavemen” it is not a lyrics-filled song, yet it’s emotional. It rides on the theme of the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible who’s ready to recompense and go back home to meet his father, but he’s clouded with the doubt of his father taking him back as his son.

He’s lost, he’s bewildered with life’s unending challenges, and he seeks peace. To him, Home is where comfort lies. “Feel like I’m losing time, Nowhere else to go so, I chase the fading light, Up all night till dawn, Wonder how many days have gone, Will papa take me back if I wanna go home”, he sings in lamentation. The duo nightlife artist is no doubt the best option for this track as they complement the track with their symbolic root vocals in the local dialect while describing what Home means to them.

Johnny Drille Picture 1
The pre-released track “How are you (My Friend)?” is an anthem for true friendships, specially created for friends who are falling apart due to the challenges of adulthood. This song reveals the importance of checking up on people as one of the features of true friendship. Johnny Drille spreads his love and light in a melodious tune as he promises his friend the light at the end of the tunnel and to fight for him if anyone tries anything funny. “Padi mi gan, gan, fan, I cherish you with my life, No worry yourself o, Everything go dey alright, And if anybody tries you, You know it’s gon’ be on sight.” He promises.

The melodious but emotional Afro-pop track “Only God Knows” sees Johnny Drille moving away from his “Lovey-dovey” type of lyrics. The track examines mental health with an expose on how people disguise themselves on the outside but die inside. It reinforces the age-long message of looking out for others while braving through life’s journey. “Happy girl on the outside, Prettiest smile, But she losing her damn mind, She cries every night, Nobody cares, Nobody hears” Johnny Drille.

The second verse: “Hard guy on the outside, Just Trying to get by, Everybody says men don’t cry, So he keeps it inside, But every night he cries out to the Lord, Cause lately I’ve been feeling all alone, I’m a loner loner”, Johnny Drille attempts to draw a connection between society’s emotional and mental neglect of the male gender and how it results in an unsafe world.

Johnny Drille Home EP Album Second Artwork
The high life-influenced track “Lover” featuring the Nigerian Rapper Phyno joined the catalogue of folk love songs. It’s not hard to figure that Cavemen isn’t on this track. Phyno glides on the flow of heavy percussion and guitars in his slow rap manner, and Johnny Drille showered praises on her lover whilst craving her attention. He sings: “Be my lover, baby be my lover”. Unarguably one of the best tracks on this EP.

Another love song on the album is “Jumoke” - a ballad dedicated to eulogising a lover tagged “Jumoke”. It’s upbeat and calls for the dance floor move. Johnny Drille sings about how much he admires and loves the girl. He sings, “Jumoke, there is nobody like you. I don check am your loving na true falling for your bunny tattoo dem no know you like I do, You dey special to me.” He became vulnerable and put on his lover boy cloth.

Johnny Drille Picture 1
The EP ends on a soulful note when Adekunle Gold gleefully echoes the praises of true love on the song titled “Journey of Our Lives.” Johnny Drille sings, “I’m wasting no more time. No, not for another minute I’m for the finish line steady on my mind” The piano chords set the song in a sombre mood while Johnny Drille croons with his sultry vocals. With Adekunle’s short but melodious verse, it looks like the two artists were trying to show off their vocal range & prowess. The infusion of crowd vocals, mid-tempo flow and the rock guitar outro make it a sonic delight and a perfect project closer.

Johnny Drille Home EP Album Alternative Artwork
Ultimately, with this soulful project, it’s evident that the tracks were the perfect expression of what “Home” entails. The sense of belonging, the feeling of warmth, compassion and affection. No doubt it’s thematically cohesive, and it pushed Johnny Drille out of the “preacher of love” box as he explores diverse themes on hope, mental health, family, and friendship. The selected feature is just too fit for each record as each artist complements the other’s flow and vocals. This feels like a great comeback from his last project titled “Before We Fall Asleep”, as it displays growth and mastery of his artistry.

Do you think “Home” is an awesome EP? What do you think about the project’s longevity? Do you think more songs could have made it more comprehensive, or the six tracks did justice to it? Let’s know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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