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A Review of Bella Shmurda Hypertension Album. Hypertension Album by Bella Shmurda is Unorthodox and Spiritual

Feb 29

A Review of Bella Shmurda Hypertension Album. Hypertension Album by Bella Shmurda is Unorthodox and Spiritual

A Review of Bella Shmurda's Hypertension Album. Hypertension Album by Bella Shmurda is Unorthodox and Spiritual Released on Oct 26, 2022, TrendyBeatz analyses Bella Shmurda’s Debut album tagged “Hypertension” as a follow-up to his subsequent projects. With a running time of 43 minutes, it is fifteen tracks long. He flexed his vocal ability and flowed on Dancehall and Afro-beat with some fusions.

Born Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, popularly known as Bella Shmurda was one of the young street-pop star artists that had a breakout year in 2019. He’s the kind of street pop artist that sings for people who feel like life has dealt them a terrible hand, but if they work hard, hold God tight, and maintain their sanity with unhealthy coping mechanisms, things will go fine.

While he was still at Lagos State University, he scored a song, “Vision 2020”, that garnered massive acceptance. However, the song became even more viral with the Olamide-assisted remix of the song. The song “Vision 2020” reveals an infectious energy of young people fueled by the passion and hunger to succeed amidst all odds; Of Government’s inability to provide jobs and a stable economy for young people to thrive.

Bella Shmurda Hypertension Album Artwork Front Cover

The song - which was also the pre-released song ahead of his debut EP titled “High Tension”, and after a year, Bella Shmurda became a street messenger, in that he makes his Street song different with in-depth lyricism. He dropped several impressive hit singles like “Rush” and the Headies nominated street pop song “Cash App”. He got featured on A-list artist’s albums, like in “Triumphant” of Olamide’s Carpe Diem, “Fade” of Davido’s “A Better Time”, and his backup vocals in “Anoti” of Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” deluxe album.

Having strengthened his profile as one of Nigeria’s in-demand superstars by releasing his sophomore EP “High Tension 2.0”, in 2021. In 2022, Bella gave listeners another of his upcoming album titled “Hypertension” with “New Born Fela” and “Philo” featuring Omah Lay.

Bella Shmurda Hypertension Album Artwork Back Cover

The album opener, “New Born Fela,” is a full Afrobeat song, with Fela’s template radiating over the production. Bella sees himself as the new Fela Kuti, and it’s filled with confessions and manifestos. It’s a self-aware song. With the Fela-Esque background vocals of ladies, the sax added flavour to the music.

It’s hard to decipher that “Ase” is on after the first track due to the smooth transition of the sax outro into the intro. Ase is up-tempo, laced with heavy percussion, and Bella Shmurda lays out prayers to his loved ones and fans. He says, “You go do foundation (Ase), You go build your mansion (Ase), You go do graduation (Ase), London fun vacation (Ase), Celebration (Ase)” repeating Ase (which means Amen) at every prayer.”

“Contraband” and “Loose It” featuring Simi are two mellow vibe songs that deviated from the lavish instrumentation he started with. There’s Afropop, and then there is afro-jazz; “Contraband” is on some afro-jazz. The song’s smooth tone, and silky melodies, are laced with jazzy instrumentals. Simi’s verse on “Loose it” is remarkable. It should make you want to slow dance with your love and sip on some fine wine.

Bella Shmurda Picture

He shows his soft side on “oh oh oh” with the dancehall-tinged track and cries for a crazy getaway vacation with the object of his affections, the kpoli - a lingo for Indian hemp, and a lady he wants to be with.

“Converse” featuring Phyno is a love tune. Bella chops up an evergreen on an up-tempo ditty, increasing its dance rhythms and tempos. Bella sings in the Igbo language, albeit it isn’t fluent enough. Phyno’s Igbo verse rap makes the track laudable.

The smooth Lo-fi production of “Fire”; it’s a dancehall rhythm laced with staggering African drums. It’s a love letter to his lover and a subtle blow message to his haters. He said, “Thunder fire busy body, talking my matter busy body.”

The Jimohsoundz-produced track “Lagos City” is laced up with groovy guitar chords and saxophone instrumentals, with the guitar chords solo standing out. The track refrain: “Lagos city, Ilu of ogbon, Lagos city, Eko ole, Lagos city, aromisa, Lagos city, konibaje” is an ode to his city, Lagos.

Bella Shmurda Picture

On the emotional track “Level Up”, Bella Shmurda incorporates the crowd vocal. It’s reminiscent of his track “Ginger Me” in his debut EP ‘High Tension.’

In this song, Bella prays for advancement and growth. He wants to elevate from his present state so he can provide a good life for his family, especially his Mum and lover. He says, “Mofe rale fun mummy mi, Lamborghini Fun baby Mi, Omo Oba Temi Yemi” which means “I want to buy house for my mum, and Lamborghini for my baby, only me understand”

The second pre-released song on the album “Philo” featuring Omah Lay is a bop. With Omah Lay’s short excellent verse, it looks like the two artists were trying to out-lewd each other, but it sounds like they had fun making this. Ultimately, there’s as much melody as there’s vulgarity. It’s a sonic delight.

Bella Shmurda Picture

On the dancehall-tinged tracks “Nakupenda” featuring L.A.X., not3s and backroad gee, and “No other” featuring Victony, the artists flow well on a bouncy beat, albeit not much lyricism, it’s something to vibe to. Victony’s unique vocals shine on the “No other” track, and his lyrics make crafting Afropop lyrical masterpieces very easy. It’s a danceable love song with great potential to be a hit.

Bella Shmurda gets emotional on “Man of the year”. There’s a Fela-Esque feel on this track. Bella Shmurda utilises the vocal background voice in a call-and-response pattern as he reminisces about life matters. “Ask me what I’m thinking, I’m just reminiscing, Sinner man looking for a remedy, bigger man want to of paradise, This things gat me thinking I’ve been born Overseas, Judas betrayed Jesus with kiss, Before I was born I wish I can see” he sings. Everyone deserves to be a man of the year, Bella preaches.

On the Magik’s bouncy produced track, “Addicted”, Bella Shmurda made personal confessions about his addictions and indulgence in alcohol: Codeine, Hennessy, and Parkalin. He says he can’t do without them. He talks about his indecision. He’s lost on what to choose. “If I say I won’t run, I won’t run, maami, I would run it again.” Bella tells his mother.

Bella Shmurda Picture

The outro Caribbean afrobeat track “So Cold” sees Bella and Popcaan, the Jamaican artist, in their vulnerable mood, reflecting on life’s harsh realities and fingering their anger as a major flaw while sharing the pains infected by poor governance. “Ain’t givin’ up the fight ’til it’s over, yeah,” Popcaan sings.

Ultimately, “Hypertension” sparkles with amazing production and the message that the album seeks to pass. The quality of the sound and the uniformity of instrumentation, there is a clear sign that Bella Shmurda drifted from his usual street pop zeitgeist. He was deliberate about putting nothing short of perfection out. The lyrics were deep and insightful. However, a couple of songs could have been left off the album to make for a more air-tight listening experience. There are instances when Bella Shmurda’s writing and contribution tire out. Notwithstanding, it’s a great album that exudes growth.

What are your thoughts about Bella Shmurda’s Hypertension Album? Do you think Bella Shmurda should stick to his usual street pop? Which track on this album do you feel is hit-worthy? Let’s know your thoughts!

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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