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Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Review. Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Sermonises His Sex Over Love Belief

Dec 07

Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Review. Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Sermonises His Sex Over Love Belief

Blaqbonez's Young Preacher Album Review. Blaqbonez's Young Preacher Album Sermonises His Sex Over Love Belief. On this album, “Young Preacher”, TrendyBeatz analyzes how Blaqbonez rigged into different genres of music ranging from rap, grime, Afrobeat, dancehall, Afropop, EMO, R&B, and so many others. We write about how the album explores the personal life of Blaq in a storytelling way - growing up, his hedonistic lifestyle and how he fights his demons.

One year and five months after Blaqbonez dropped his sophomore album “Sex Over Love”, the sensational Nigerian rapper and songwriter have been teasing his fans about his next project and creating awareness towards it. As a perfectionist gunning for a trifecta, Blaqbonez released his third album and 10th project titled “Young Preacher”.

Hard work only is not always a prelude to greatness, but Blaqbonez has wielded it well. From going on the streets with a megaphone to create awareness about his song “Haba” to holding a controversial concert tagged “Breaking the yoke of Love”. The Imo State-born superstar Emeka Akumefule is signed to MI Abaga’s record label “Chocolate City” - a label that houses artists like Young Jonn, Candy Bleakz, and formerly Ckay, amongst others. If there exists an artist who could be synonymous with versatility, tenacity and resilience in the Nigerian music industry, then it would be none other than Blaqbonez.

Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Artwork Front Cover

Since his early years at Obafemi Awolowo University, he’s proven over the years that he’s a talented rapper. From winning the “Terry Tha Rapman’s Zombie” competition amidst the wide and tight competitors of 3000 other rappers in 2012 to emerging as the first runner-up at Vector’s organized competition tagged “King Kong rap” in 2015 to also becoming the class captain for the Hennessy VS in 2015. No doubt, Blaq has been the epitome of what passion means.

Young Preacher, Blaqbonez’s third studio album, which premiered on October 28, 2022, is a 14-track body of work rolled out by Chocolate City Music Group. With a listening time of 39:02 minutes, it features production input from Jae5, Telz, Ramoni, BMH, Ozedikus, Blaise Beats, GANGSTAMADEIT, Joffstar, with major mixing and mastering tone by Jaylon and STG mixing one track and Osagie 10ten Onobu overseeing the AnR. Amaarae, Lojay, Tay Iwar, Tekno, Bien, Blxckie, Cheque, and Jae5, Takura, are all featured on the album.

The album opened with the eponymous full rap track “Young Preacher”. The melodious intro of the trumpet sets the listener in a sombre mood. As a preacher, Blaq preaches and reminisces about his ghetto life and makes his stance on religion; as an atheist who doesn’t believe in God but he acknowledges a superior power, he says, “Don’t recognize no opposition, God put me in a fair position I say God but, don’t believe in religion, I know there’s a higher power but they twistin’ the teaching I just focus on, being good to the next man.”

Blaqbonez Young Preacher Album Artwork Back Cover

He balanced his sermon on his identity message of rating sex over love. He prides himself on his hedonism. “This is wise words from a nigga who done fucked all kind of chicks, Famous, big ass, egoistic, all kind of chicks, Titties fallin’, titties standin’, an ovation. So, listen when I speak and stop being impatient.” He raps.

The second track, “Hot Boy”, stamps Blaq’s versatility of music. In this first verse, Blaqbonez flows on a reggae - Caribbean-tinged track and in the second verse, he flows on a grime beat where he reels in his usual antics way of talking about sex. With his usage of metaphors, he raps, knack am, knack am, knack am teach her carpentry, when I choke her neck she calls me majesty, me no like to chop another person thing, but if she comes around I give her BBC Bomboclaat me spread her legs like gymnastics." Filtered to hide the lewdness in the lyrics..

The biggest potential hit track, “Fashionnova”, is Blaq’s successful attempt at creating bob afro-pop music. Created to buzz up the Tik-tok dance and its Gen Z shenanigans, the song is melodious and danceable. The chorus; “That girl in the corner (Yeah!) Yeah, she bad and boujee (Yeah!) She like fashionnova (she tell me say) It bring out her booty (oh, oh) You go spend your dollar (she tell me say) 'Cos she so unruly, unruly, unruly” stands out”

Blaqbonez Picture

On the pre-released hit track “Back In Uni”, Jae5 displayed his genius side. His production on this Afro-pop hip-hop-influenced track is a masterpiece. Blaq flows smoothly on this track while excavating his past romantic relationship during his days at the university. It is easy to note that Blaq isn’t regretting his act. He’s just reminiscing about it. The lyrics “Big bank take lil’ bank, it’s the law of the jungle, yay” are a nod to this fact. He didn’t just do it in school. In the stand-out chorus: Blaq has broken ladies’ hearts in Lekki - a city on Lagos island. According to his sermon, no one can maintain fidelity in a romantic relationship, everyone cheats.

In the grime track “Fake Nikes” featuring Blxkie and Cheque, Blaqbonez advocates for an inclusive cloth brand for average Africans, decentering and dismantling classism fascination on people who gate-keep fashion labels, “Name brands don’t guarantee drip though, Half y’all look stupid in Gucci” he slams hard. While still advising people who dress to impress, he says; I just buy what I want no pressure, I just pull up and I leave no impression. Wait, go broke for some Twitter impression
Show me one of the niggas I’m impressing
Is it you? Is it you? Is it you? Is it that lame nigga that can’t dress shit?”.

Blaqbonez Picture

It’s hard to remember if this song had a feature of Blxkie and Cheque because Blaqbonez’s verse was the highlight of the song.

On “Ring Ring” featuring Tay Iwar, the duo flowed on a trap beat. Tay Iwar’s deft flow shows how he can always flow well with any artist. He efficiently infused his soulful vocals in the grime-beat direction of the song. Exploring a theme boosting the ego of guys, not double texting a lady. “I ain’t gonna ever double text your ass, Damn, I just smash and pass, Although you’re like Angelique Kidjo, You got the natural ass (Yeah)” he says.

On the ramoni-produced track “loyalty” and Ozedikus-produced “I like Igbo”, Blaqbonez changed the flow of the album to a slow tempo. In “Loyalty”, Blaq tells the lady his intention in a relationship. He’s only concerned about the sexual exchange, and it would be hard for him to be loyal. Although this track feels like a bit of a slump, it doesn’t fit a party song, but it could be played in a more laid-back mood.

Blaqbonez Picture

“Girl you know I can’t admit that I want you desperately, If I did, if I told you that we gon get in a relationship, And if we did yeah you know I’ll prolly fuck around an cheat, ’Cause you want some loyalty and I can’t give you loyalty” Blaqbonez admits to his desire to sow wild oats.

“She likes Igbo” interludes struck a nostalgic feeling. It’s a fusion of modern and old sounds. The projection of the beat is slow till it peaks at a crescendo. The saxophone solo is lo-fi. Blaq tells a story of a lady who is addicted to smoking Indian hemp. “I’ve got a lady wey too like Igbo, She steady call me say, “Me, I’m all alone” Her papa come out, My mama come out.” Blaq sings.

What’s a full project album without a single danceable track? The track “Ess Mama” featuring Tekno is a perfect afro-pop melody produced by Blaise Beats. The duo paints a picture of making sexual advances to a lady they want to get down with. In the chorus by Blaqbonez, he says; Ess Mama, me no her time to waste mama, If you get yansh make you shake mama,”

Blaqbonez Picture

On the sensual “Mazoe” featuring Takura & Bien-Aime Baraza, the featured artists took over this sultry tune with their rich and syrupy vocals. The song explores a relationship that’s based on sex. It’s reminiscent of the “Whistle” track. The guitar ticks and dulcet tones soften the energy of the track.

On the soft-tempo Afrobeats track “Star Life,” the tune is built on a template of smooth piano chords, subtle Amapiano log drum infusions, and staggering percussions. Blaqbonez used the background group vocals, laced with melodious refrains, to tell the story of his shortcomings as a celebrity. “Sometimes I get lonely, And I need someone to hold me,” Blaqbonez begs for companionship.

On the full hip-hop track “Back on BS”, Blaqbonez flows on a groovy Trap. The bounce and bass will compel shoulders to vibrate. On this track, Blaqbonez tells a story of how he begs a lover to return to her depraved ways with him. To cheat on his boyfriend with him, he suggests in his rap line: “Don’t worry about your boyfriend. It’s sweeter when you are unfaithful,”

Blaqbonez Picture

The album closes up with the “I’d Be Waiting” track, which derived its title from the chorus lyrics of the sampled song of Asa titled “360”. It’s Friday-evening-drive rap music. In well-layered braggadocio, the self-awareness of track. Blaqbonez knows he’s bigger now, the women are in the DMs, and he acknowledges the pressure that comes with fame, but still, he maintains his average lifestyle and explains why he doesn’t spend on frivolity. “Still acting like I’m broke and in the trenches, it’s part of me, So pardon me if I don’t buy too many Hennessy, Don’t stare at me I just got rich and I ain’t used to it,” Blaq says.

Ultimately, from this project of the spectrum of sounds, it can be deduced that Blaqbonez has stamped his personality as an evangelist of hedonism, and beyond just a rapper and singer, he’s a master entertainer who does different things to push himself out. In the video, he shot for one of the tracks in the album “Back In Uni”, where he put up different characters of leading Nigerian musicians. Blaqbonez has been deploying different strategies to increase his visibility and, most especially, his streaming figures.

Blaqbonez Picture

With this project, with themes on pleasure-seeking, fun, self-involved, and experience, Blaqbonez leans on a sonically varied palette that pulls in from slinky, mid-tempo Afropop and blown-out Trap beat, an obvious choice that displays his rap flow, profound melodies and sound songwriting. With his display of thematic cohesiveness and perfect production, “Young Preacher” is yet another masterpiece from the preacher.

Do you think “Young Preacher” is a better album than “Sex Over Love”? What can you say about Blaqbonez’s personality stance on rating sex over love? Let’s know your thoughts!

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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