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A Review of Wizkid More Love, Less Ego Album. Wizkid More Love, Less Ego Is A Vibrant Love Melody Album

Feb 29

A Review of Wizkid More Love, Less Ego Album. Wizkid More Love, Less Ego Is A Vibrant Love Melody Album

Wizkid's "More Love, Less Ego" Is A Vibrant Love Melody Album. In this review, TrendyBeatz analyzes how the 13-track album sees the 32-year-old continue to showcase his melodic genre-blending prowess, talks about Love, hedonism, and rides on funky Jazz, R&B, Amapiano, Afrobeat, Neo-soul, Dancehall and Afropop.

Since Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, bagged a record-breaking deal with Sony Music subsidiary RCA Records in 2017, he released his third album which was his first attempt at going global, riding on the wave of the global hit track "Ojuelegba". The project - Sounds from the Other Side was released on the 14th of July, 2017. An album which featured world superstars like Drake, Chris Brown, Major Lazer, Trey Songz, and Ty Dollar sign. After the success of SFTOS, he also released singles before Soundman E.P and then the stellar project "Made in Lagos" album.

In 2020 when the "Made in Lagos" album dropped, a lot of people opined that Wizkid's music had been influenced more by the western world due to its heavy Caribbean elements and pop sound used in the production. Some fans felt betrayed, too, because they felt his songs were hard to relate to at first.

On the 11th of November, Wizkid released his much-anticipated album titled "More love, less ego". For people who are still magnetized to the old Wizkid songs, this new album is a sonic departure from the energetic and vibe-giving album in times past.

Wizkid More Love Less Ego Artwork 2

The album opened with the pre-released track "Money & Love", the up-tempo afro-pop track with elements of R&B and funky jazz sees Wizkid singing about his obsession with a lady whilst bragging about his wealth and heart full of Love. This might not sound well for an album opener, but it's revealing of how the album track's direction will move. Just like his last album, the saxophone sound comes up in the last part of the song.

On the Amapiano track "Balance", the producer infused the heavy log-drum percussion track with R&B production. The lyricism on this track is impressive and makes it stand out. One of the melodious tracks on the album. The sultry vocals and the superb delivery is palpable. It's reminiscent of classic R&B 2000s songs fused with pop melody.

With the full Amapiano pre-released track, "Bad To Me", Produced by Sammy Soso & P2J. Wizkid proved his versatility. It is a sultry, groovy ditty that will age well. He rode smoothly on that Afro-Piano beat well. The first verse is everything. It's a potential banger and a song that aims to have you spinning your legs and body on the dance floor. Wizkid's hedonism came alive when he sang: "Lady, girl, say your body bad to me, Pass make I choke, make I feel am, oh, Baby girl, you know as e be, oh, Yeah, we dey love 'til the morning, Bad girl, addicted to me, Only you know as e dey do me, Only you know as e dey do me, oh-whoa, girl"

As "Made in Lagos" spawned the Tems-assisted "Essence," — a global hit that dominated airwaves around the world and massively impacted the career of its featured artist. Wizkid tried to pull another global hit with Ayra Starr on the "2 Sugar" track. There's a bold similarity in the way Tems and Ayra Starr sounds. Wizkid sings about fighting demons and putting out the right energy. The uptempo Amapiano Afropop best is a smooth collaboration between the duo, they both delivered perfectly, and it almost evokes the classic that "Essence" displayed. Could this song replace "Essence"? Well, time will tell.

Wizkid More Love Less Ego Backcover

The afrobeat track "Every day" intro sees the artist in his emotional mood, speaking some lines from Maya Angelou's Speech: I am grateful, To be have been loved, And to be loved now, And to be able to love Because that liberates, Love liberates, It doesn't just hold, that's ego, Love liberates." It is an inspirational verse that could have sufficed as the album opener. The lyrics are well scripted, laced with a catchy hook and preach joyful perseverance. "I know struggle dey, but my brother we dey pray"

On the dancehall "Slip N slide" track Featuring skillibeng & Shenseea, Wizkid's affinity for Jamaican sound was evident on "blessed" on "Made In Lagos". This track is another "Jamaican" melody. Skillibeng should've opened the track, Shenseea could have been a perfect fit. In all, the Jamaican duo maintained their genre's tradition and upheld the style of pure storytelling. The sultry vocals pair smoothly.

On the heavy percussion "Deep", Wizkid flows on a staggering, chops up an evergreen Ghanaian ditty, reducing its dance rhythms and tempos. There's a part of the song that's reminiscent of "Anoti" in his "Made In Lagos" album Deluxe. Wizkid craves sexual affection when he says f**k Netflix & Chill. It's a candid, silky smooth old-school romantic song. The saxophone keeps shining underneath the beat. The hook and lyrics are spellbinding. It's a song that gives sensual vibes.

Over a beat with a helluva tempo track: "Flower Pads" is a danceable tune that sounds like what we've been waiting to hear for a long time. The sexual sensation on this track makes it sound romantic. But the flow is monotonous, and the hook isn't any special.

Wizkid & Skepta's collaboration has never been missed, and it didn't start with "Wow", although with a joint feature of Naira Marley. One would assume a Wizkid and Naira Marley collaboration would not work out, but it did work, and the mid-tempo production gives the best outputs from the artists. Naira Marley's intro lines stand out and might go down as another pop-culture slang. Skepta's verse was energetic as usual, while Wizkid's sweet vocals made the track enjoyable.

Wizkid More Love Less Ego Artwork Frontcover 1

"Pressure" and "Plenty Loving" follow the same sonic direction. Although pressure is an afro-pop Amapiano tune, plenty loving is a full Amapiano track. Pressure is laced with keyboard tunes, and the other is an upbeat tempo that allows Wizkid vocals to stand out. Inarguably, these are the two most engaging melodious tracks on the album. It's club banger tunes that reconstruct the regular soundscape of Amapiano.

On "Special" featuring Don Toliver, the guitar remains the highlight of the song. One would expect a tom rolling best at some point, but it's not a percussion beat track. It's palm wine music and nightlife-indebted guitar playing throughout. The artists infield the story of a lover. The production of this track is reminiscent of "True Love" ft Tay Iwar in Made in Lagos. The instrumentality on special is special. Nonetheless, it's not a memorable track as it lacks a compact sonic melody.

Wizkid closed the album with a melodious tune "Frames (Who's Gonna Know)". It's easy to note that Wizkid displayed his versatility and mastery as he flows on a laidback beat of drums. His vocals were enthralling, and we can agree that he saved the best for the end. The sound unfolds slowly and evaporates into a sunny, vibrant, cultural and bouncy melody. His comforting vocal talks about his desire for a lady he admires. Easily the perfect track on the album.

Ultimately, "More Love, Less Ego" is a thirteen-track album that sojourns an already well-trodden path of a sonic direction with his last two projects. This album has more club songs, but the major negative with 'More Love, Less Ego' is the tracklist/album sequence.

Wizkid Performing on Stage 4

For an artist like Wizkid whose music already tends towards being a heavily production-driven acquired taste, our generation, who are also digital natives with short attention spans, get tired once they don't get connected to a song. The first four tracks should not have started the album. Just like he did in the last album, he doesn't explore the balance suggested in its album title and only "Frames (Who's gonna know) explores the album theme.

We can attest to the fact, Wizkid, even after over a decade of being the face of Afrobeats melody hitmaker, continues to expand his sound with a masterful collection that sees him perfecting his universal pop sound.

This album thrives on soulful and impressive delivery and his sultry vocals. The only thing missing is the diversity in the album. It all focuses on a theme - highs of Love, romance and affection, which people expected something different. We cannot deny the perfect mixing and production; the vocals and the delivery are also outstanding. The featured artist's contributions on this album are nothing compared to "Made In Lagos" In conclusion.

More Love, Less Ego" has high-quality R&B/AfroPop hits that major on infectious melodies and romantic lyrics. The lyrics are cheesy and sleazy as ever.

Do you think this album is worth the hype? Can you compare "More Love, Less Ego" to "Made In Lagos"? What's the best track on this album, and what are your thoughts about the monotony of the themes in this album? Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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