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A Review of Young Jonn Love is Not Enough Vol 2 EP Album. Young Jonn "Love Is Not Enough Vol 2" Doubled His Diversity And Creative Range

Feb 23

A Review of Young Jonn Love is Not Enough Vol 2 EP Album. Young Jonn "Love Is Not Enough Vol 2" Doubled His Diversity And Creative Range

A Review of Young Jonn's Love is Not Enough Vol 2 EP Album. Young Jonn's "Love Is Not Enough Vol 2" Doubled His Diversity And Creative Range. In this Review, TrendyBeatz analyses how the project "Love Is Not Enough" Vol 2 follows the same sonic template as Vol 1, how it re-emphasises Young johnn's talent and how it puts the listeners in a pleasant mood.

Born John Saviours Udomboso, popularly known as Young Jonn with his popular tagline - the wicked producer, was born in the southwestern part of Nigeria in the city of Ibadan, where he studied and graduated from the University of Ibadan. Although he grew up in Osogbo, becoming an entertainment persona didn't just happen overnight. While he was still on campus, he explored music production, songwriting and singing before he settled for music production.

He gained more prominence after he scored his first hit with Olamide Baddo on the production of the song titled "Story for the gods". After the song achieved its monumental peak, Young John's music production career followed suit. From producing hits and more hits to controlling zeitgeist moments in an era that Lil Kesh dominated. He has also produced for A-list artists like Phyno, Davido, Kizz Daniel and Naira Marley, to name a few. Inarguably, one of the most popular and best music producers to ever grace the Nigerian music industry.

Young Jonn Love Is Not Enough Artwork1

Young Jonn took another dimension in his music career when he transitioned from being a music producer to an artiste. The transition has always been forthcoming. In 2019, Young Jonn released a song titled "Mama Yo", which garnered massive appeal and acceptance from music fans. He didn't stop experimenting with his newly found talent, he further went into the studio with Tiwa Savage and Joeboy in 2020, and they released a song titled "Let Them Know".

Like Young Jonn, not so many producers could boast of the successful transition from being a producer to an artist. Only the likes of Maleek Berry, Masterkraft, and Pheelz are just one of the few producers that could boast of the transition to performing artists.

In a bid to cement his music career in the face of his fan, Young Jonn needed a platform to showcase him; he then signed a recording deal with the Chocolate City record label in 2022, where he debuted with the hit record "Dada" - the lead track of his EP, "Love Is Not Enough" Vol 1 before he takes another shot at stardom this time around with the release of Vol 2 six-track extended play, on Oct 21, 2022.

Featuring the likes of artists like Davido and Vedo (Kizz Daniel) and employing the hands of professional producers like Niphkeyz, Sochee, Magicstikz and himself on the music production, providing the instrumentals for the EP.

Young Jonn Picture

The album opened up with "Sokoto". It's a mid-tempo track, and this track sees Young Jonn drowning in a girl's sexual love. The placement of this track as the album opener makes it easier for the listeners. Listening to an alluring and enchanting track like this gives the listener that anticipation to listen to the other five tracks. It's a sultry, sensual, lovey-dovey song.

Implementing the subtle shimmering crowd vocals. It's subtle, beneath the song and doesn't dominate the song; instead, it amplifies Young Jonn's message and gives credence to the theme, however, in a hedonistic manner - "Love it when you calling my name, When you sit pon my face, The way your body just dey vibrate, Whenever you don dey climax. How you tell me how you love, Normally you'll never say this, Everything I find go sokoto, E dey inside your sokoto." Young Jonn lures after a lady's body.

The Amapiano-influenced track "Normally" starts with an eerie guitar string and transitions to a full-blown fast-tempo beat laced with percussion, synth and drum roll. The log drum is the highlight of the song's production. From the first verse, he makes his intentions known with the sugar-coated lyrics; "Lovin' you is my only bad habit, Omo do as you like, sha ma rora, Kin sha ti r'oju e, take the pain all away, Omo do as you like, sha ma rora."

Normally paints a sweet-loving relationship in a melodious harmony over a bouncy production beat. This song further proves that more still lies underneath Young Jonn production genius.

Young Jonn Love Is Not Enough Artwork2

The full Amapiano track "Xtra Cool" embraces parties and seeks fun with the high-tempo beat. Young Jonn sings about a woman called Uloma. It's like a relationship that's about to crash and Young Jonn begs for love, the lyrics: "Uloma I dey on my ten toe And I don tell you taya, make we dey like extra cool Oh can we go back to the time when this loving sheshebere? You know I love you but I am always on the road." This shows how young Jonn is making plans to make it work out.

He evoked a nostalgic feeling with his reference to Xtra Cool - an MTN free calling package popular in 2007-2010, where relationship partners can have enough time to hold a conversation for long hours.

Young Jonn picture 2

"If you leave" follows the same sonic patterns as "Xtra Cool". It's also an Amapiano-influenced track, perhaps more funky and soulful. The heavy percussion, log drums and guitar strings, and centralised production help Young Jonn to make a sing-along song as he rides swiftly on the bouncy production, never hitting any blocks.

Young Jonn emotes effectively whenever he talks about love, it's evident in his vocal inflections. "If you leave (if you leave), If you leave (if you leave), I go craze (I go craze), If she don't miss mi ni Time dey go, Don't be late (don't be late)" Young Jonn asserts his affection and talks about how a breakup would make him run mad. It's an enchanting love song with sublime crowd vocals.

"Next To You", featuring the US-based singer, Vedo, is a sonic extension direction of the other songs. The track sees Young Jonn and Vedo drowning in love with a girl. Vedo's enchanting vocals and lyrics add more energy to the song's harmony. It's a feel-good love song. The occasional boisterous guitar picks serve as a tribute to party bangers. It's a well-produced track.

The viral hit track "Dada (remix)" featured Davido. Although the original track was on the Vol 1 EP, Davido further injected more energy and life into the remixed one. The song, when released, got to the No 1 most listened song, and the official video has more than seven million views on YouTube. It was inarguably one of Davido's best verses in 2022. From his braggadocio line of wealth and luxury to using wordplay with Adekunle Gold and Simi's name along the lines of: "I fit to buy gold/ ko ba le jen si mi,"

Young Jonn picture 3

Overall, there's more to Young Jonn than Music Production, and even though "Love Is Not Enough" Vol 1 already revealed this part of his genius side, Love Is Not Enough" Vol 2 doubled his diversity and creative range. Although two tracks off this Vol 2, "Next To You" and "Normally", were part of the tracks in the first volume. It's easy to deduce that Young Jonn is stuck in the sonic pattern of the debut EP. A similar sonic template was evident. At some points, it's hard to know the song that's playing without checking the title, the beats and production were similar and 90% of the tracks were Amapiano influenced.

At 10 minutes long, Young Jonn might be difficult to rate, yet, it re-emphasises his talent. It's short and has replay value due to the bouncy production of the songs. It's a project to win him more fans than his "producer" life fans.

The lyricism is not constricted, the production and sound engineering scream mastery and the vocalisations are on point.

What do you think about the release of this Vol 2 project? Do you think an album would have been more appropriate after the release of the first extended play? What can you say about Young Jonn switching careers? Let's Know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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