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A Review of Runtown Signs Album. Runtown Signs Album Is A Return Form For The Afrobeats Icon

Nov 28

A Review of Runtown Signs Album. Runtown Signs Album Is A Return Form For The Afrobeats Icon

A Review of Runtown's Signs Album. Runtown's Signs Album Is A Return Form For The Afrobeats Icon. In this fifth studio album titled "Signs", TrendyBeatz analyses how Runtown makes a return on his term, drifting away from cracking club jams - how the album doesn't submit to the recent sound trend, and how it restates why the fans thirst for his sound. Displaying his calmness on each track, he's more relaxed.

Artists rarely get a second shot at stardom, and it even becomes harder when you're situated in the saturated and chaotic Music Industry like Nigeria, where different artists churn out projects steadily. This analogy hardly appeals to Runtown, as he's been given the second shot. He cradled it with both hands and recently attempted to crystallize it with a project he titled "Signs" - His Fifth studio album.

Douglas Jack Agu, popularly known as Runtown, is no stranger to any lover of Afrobeats. Since his foray into the music industry in early 2007, Runtown, who already has scored arrays of hit songs in his music catalogues over the years, has constantly displayed his creative genius in songwriting, music prowess and as well as music production.

His star power has been cemented through iconic singles like "Mad Over You", "Gallardo", and "Lagos to Kampala", featuring the leading Afrobeat superstar, Wizkid and many other groundbreaking hits, to mention a few.

After twenty-four months of missing from the Nigerian Music circuit, clamour about his whereabouts continues to be a subject of conversation on social media, as fans keep on yearning for a new release from the self-acclaimed "Sound God" as he often calls himself. Early this year, Runtown made a shocking comeback with the release of a track he titled "Things I Know" which gave a hint that the artist is working on a new project before the official release of the album's cover art where Runtown's headshot was in monochrome with his grills and long hairs and the album tracklist of a 13-track album.

Runtown Signs Album Artwork

He flowed on the soul, reggaeton, and Alte music while revolving on themes like truth, health, religion, riches, Love and his musical experiences. Features guest artists like Mr Hudson and Jamopyper on the 39:49 minutes album that takes his fans on a voyage whilst retaining the peculiarity of his sound.

The album opened with the eponymous track titled "Signs", the reggaeton tune sees the artists sharing some life nuggets on jealousy, truth, working hard, believing in spiritual things and waiting for signs. When he said, "Devil in Agbada, omo na devil in disguise," he tried to infuse comic relief, likewise not losing the deep touch to the meaning of his saying. It's an emotive track. The background vocal and the reggae beat sequence gave the track its flavour.

"Sinnerman""Sinnerman" is an Afrobeat masterpiece. It maintains a soft tempo similar to the album opener. Runtown made an introspection about his life while tagging himself "Sinnerman". Leaving no stone unturned, he acknowledges God and gives praise for his blessings while he still begs for the forgiveness of his sins. "Sinner man, sinner man, Father Lord please forgive a man, Sinner man, sinner man, From a very long time born sinner man", Runtown begs for forgiveness. It's a well-delivered funky song that showcases the signature sound production of Runtown.

The pre-released Akatche-produced track titled; "Things I Know", it's a track that is laced with feelings, triggering emotions, and pure vibes from Runtown, infused with subtle hints of Amapiano. He promised to keep his energy pure still no matter how problematic life gets, and then he showered praises on his lover while talking about his mind. The crowd vocals on the track flawlessly complement the lead vocalist and flow perfectly with the beats. It's a quintessential Runtown at play.

Runtown Signs Album Artwork Backcover

The songwriting on "High Spirit" is limited, but catchy lyrics like "Coming like a fire and it's consuming, Coming like a fire, nothing can cool me And I know, And I know know know know know Greener pastures will come with snakes, I stay ready, we fumigate" amidst a melodic hook that is sure to draw you in. The track is also painfully short, so you want to listen to it at least thrice before moving on to the next song.

"O Fe Pa Mi," and "All About You" flow in the same sonic direction. The former is the first track on the album with a featured artist, Jamopyper. Runtown maintains his usual vibes on danceable beats. The saxophone operates smoothly on the track while Jamopyper added his backing vocals which make up for excellent delivery. Runtown attempts to generate the street through one of the Afro-streets that is Jamopyper.

On "Fences", Runtown shows his sonic range, his special dexterity with production, and an innate ability to stay on course with song themes. Runtown kicks the sonic with a trap-esque beat. He shared some deep words about his life experience; "The pain will elevate the passion, going through the phases Comin' like a head shot"

On the most sonorous track of the album titled "Dangerous Hearts", Runtown featured Mr Hudson to create a perfect, R&B-tinged track that's influenced by the 90s vibe. The duo sings about Love and relationships, and there's a romantic flavour to the track. It's a kind of song for a romantic night out with a lover, as the lyrics; "Make we jam it up all night, And make I dey with you all night, A likkle wine and I'm alright" blasts from the speaker.

Runtown Picture

The production of "Under Pressure" and "Kini Issue" is dull. Nevertheless, Runtown's cadence flows effortlessly, covering the production and the dullness. New Runtown fans might not feel it enough. On the former track, he is more relaxed; he picks his words like politicians addressing eagle-eyed pressmen.

On "Propaganda", Runtown leaned towards a Soft-tempo afrobeat heavy laced with jazz synths and switched it up to Jamaican patois on the Reggae-influenced track "Hella Sacrifice", The lyrics are enlivened with grass-to-grace stories, his sacrifice to success.

Unlike most African Albums, where albums end on a solemn note, Runtown goes in a romantic mood with his lover. He created a tune that is sensual in rhythm without necessarily using explicit words. The production is similar to the execution of Wizkid's "Fever."

Aptly titled with the symbolic title "SIGNS", Runtown's Fifth studio album project is gunning to be one of the most honest and emotional releases this year. Albeit, it fails to meet the yearning of the anticipated fans due to the monotony of the production. The beat production allows him to retain the usual territory as it offers no fresh styles asides from "Dangerous Hearts."

Runtown Picture 2

Ultimately, Runtown's simple lyrics and occasional clear-cut production are the hallmarks of this "Signs" album. The album just leaps out of the speaker, saturates the rooms, and eases the listeners into that good-time mood.

Should we call "Signs" a blazing project despite his two years of inactivity? Which song on the album do you think deserves the "hit" status? What can you say about the new album from the "sound god"?

Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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