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A Review of Ajebo Hustler Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Album. Ajebo Hustler Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Album Is A Delightful Project

Nov 30

A Review of Ajebo Hustler Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Album. Ajebo Hustler Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Album Is A Delightful Project

A Review of Ajebo Hustler Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Album. Ajebo Hustler's "Bad Boy Etiquette 101" EP Album Is A Delightful Project. On the new EP, titled "Bad Boy Etiquette 101", TrendyBeatz analyses how the EP tells a relatable story, how the project exudes growth and infuses Amapiano and Highlife for a Pop project with the songwriting focusing on giving a chance for romantic love, chasing one's dream, & exploring a sexual desire and hedonism.

The Nigerian music scene has produced so many major exceptional music duos who, in one way or the other, have helped change, evolve and get the Nigerian music scene to where it is today by delivering exceptional music. Psquare, Bracket, Skuki, and Danfo Drivers are some of the greatest duos that ever graced the Nigerian music industry in the last three decades until the advent of the impressive music duo, Ajebo Hustlers, who came into the consciousness of Nigerian music enthusiasts In the heat of the Endsars Protest in 2020 with the viral hit song titled "Barawo" which later got a feature verse from the superstar Afrobeat King, Davido.

Ajebo Hustlers Bad Boys Etiquette 101 EP Artwork1

The Port Harcourt-born duo George Dandeson aka Knowledge, and singer Isaiah Precious, a.k.a Piego but popularly called "Ajebo Hustler", didn't stop putting in their best to serenade their fans with amazing music. As an artist deeply rooted in the catchy Afro-pop genre, laced with slang and melodic rap flow, they secured a track with one of the leading faces of the Afrobeat new generation, Omah Lay on the song titled "Pronto"/a>.

Collaborations are always good, especially where the aim is to cast a little spotlight on the "smaller" artist(s), but on the record, the opposite is what happens. "Pronto" had more people talking about Omah Lay than Ajebo Hustlers until the release of their debut
album "Kpos Lifestyle" in 2021, and their most viral hit track "Loyalty", the Amapiano-influenced track that solidified their artistic status in the industry.

Ajebo Hustlers have mastered the secret behind hiding brilliance in plain sight. There's a simple earthy grittiness to their lyrics. It's so simple, it's almost bland, but their use of imagery makes it all come alive. Simple yet astonishing.

Ajebo Hustlers kicked the sonic door open with the Niphkeys-produced track titled "Dreams". Bad boys mean different things, to the Ajebo Hustlers, it means chasing your dreams. The track detailed their music journey and revealed their intentions, the stern focus on achieving their life ambition and getting less focused on love. The lyrics "Me no wan hear any girl come dey telling me to say she love me, The only thing on my mind is I want make this bastard money" sees the duo prioritizing money over love.

Ajebo Hustlers Bad Boys Etiquette 101 EP Artwork2

"In Love" featured the new generation female singer, Fave, who delivered a memorable chorus. It shared the feeling of total abdication from loving someone. Ajebo Hustler's rap is catchy. And Fave's artistic mien is calm and soothing, and she displays vocal dexterity. Afropop and RnB blend seamlessly on this record.

"Kisses" as a title would have been assumed to be one of those love songs, but it's the opposite, where the artists share the pains of being cheated on by their lovers. It would be gravely immoral to ignore the elegant spot of this playlist as the artist pays more attention to lyricism and the flow, bidding love farewell and refusing to get kissed.

Ajebo Hustlers Picture

On the fully Amapiano Influenced track titled "No Love", Ajebo Hustlers & Mayorkun put up a good shift in passing a message in a delightful tune of Amapiano rhythms. "You know it's a cold world/and no one gets no love" Ajebo Hustler's review on a lady's story who chose the wrong path and became wayward, balancing it on the lack of parental guidance and care. Mayorkun's input was different; it was fluid and smooth.

The Amapiano track titled "No Peace" starts with the sound of a car engine sound revving before the beat sets in and the log drum kicks, and the whistles mellow in the background. There's "no love" and now as a manual for bad boys, there should exist no peace, which means the presence of violence. It contains some vulgar words and could be regarded as a sexual song. "Love your big bunda, Enter my runs, Baby come tonga, My big cu-cu-cu-cumber, Love your big, bunda, Enter my runs, Baby come tonga", Piego sings.

The full Amapiano track "Loyalty" is the pre-released track on the EP, and it thrives on making the song catchy. The lyricism is amazing, and the production is fantastic as well. The music is exactly as its title suggests: the lover choosing to be loyal than focusing on money. Although, the theme is debatable in the Nigerian setting, what if the duo sings from experience? We never can tell.

The EP was closed by the trap-tinged Orlandoh produced track titled "Burn My Cable", it tells a story of a cheating man and his lover. The opening guitar strings gave a highlife feeling, but the drill and trap beat stands out. They want to bask in sexual exploration, but the lovers say no. It's a bouncy beat song that would make one jump on the dance club stage.

Ajebo Hustlers Picture

It's clear now that "Etiquette 101" is a manual to bad boys living, courtesy of the Ajebo Hustlers. To them, being a bad boy means focusing on your dreams, making money, staying clear of loving or relationship, and explore your sexual desire whenever the need arises and lastly, being nasty and wayward.

The global stage is the new benchmark for artistic success among Nigerian musicians. It is warming to see emerging artists like Ajebo Hustlers gunning for the position with this stellar project.

Each song on the EP is independent and tells a story. It's a journaling of their ideals and beliefs, and in due time, we shall be witnessing "Etiquette 102" in EP or Album form. Ultimately, this is a delightful project. It is the kind of project that records you groove to when you are happy, listens you are down or heartbroken, and however you feel, you can be assured that you will connect with it. That, in itself, is its biggest sauce and distinctions.

What's your opinion on this "Etiquette 101" EP? Asides from "Loyalty", which other songs do you think tend to blow up? Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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