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A Review of Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar 2.0 Album. Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar 2.0 Restates His Impressive Sonic Craftsmanship

Jul 18

A Review of Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar 2.0 Album. Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar 2.0 Restates His Impressive Sonic Craftsmanship

A Review of Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar 2.0 Album. Seyi Vibez "Billion Dollar 2.0" Restates His Impressive Sonic Craftsmanship. In this deluxe version of "Billion Dollar 2.0", TrendyBeatz analyses how Seyi Vibez brilliantly meanders between Amapiano, Fuji-Esque/Arabic Recitation, with a copious tribute to Arabian Sound. The topics on the album swirl between documenting his struggle, Hustle, Street Lingo, self-acclaim and others. While the "Billion Dollar Baby 2.0" came with just five new songs, it did not include any guest features on the Album.

Thirty-six days after the sophomore album "Billion Dollar Baby" did massive numbers and climbed the charts across various countries in the world, the Street pop artist and "+234" crooner Seyi Vibez makes a phenomenal return with a new body of work - the deluxe version of his sophomore Album which he tagged "Billion Dollar 2.0".

Seyi Vibez has always been a versatile underdog artist whose talent hasn't been known by many for years till this Album launched him into the mainstream and made his Album a subject of conversation on social media. Now that he has found a straight balance between core street sonic melody and mainstream elements, he's ready to use it wisely, hence the release of the deluxe version to further prove his talent.

Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar Baby 2 0 Album Artwork1

Exploring new territory of sounds and tweaking it. He blended Fuji melody on Amapiano beats, and if the original Album was of sugar & spice and everything nice, inarguably, this deluxe version is made of sugar & spice and everything twice. It's a perfect sample of party tracks & relatable tunes. The art cover isn't just there. The art cover, which is a picture of his younger self in a white robe depicting a Muslim boy, shows that Seyi Vibez is ready to take us on a journey.

The opening track, "Psalm 23", is a song wrapped in a South African house, the Amapiano sound infused with Arabian sound production. It started with what sounded like a lady's voice making some unknown chants. Seyi Vibez is introduced with the solo of a saxophone tune, with a lady backing up. As if to remind us that his heart is in the streets, Seyi Vibez, for most of the song, elides syllables as he sings pidgin words with Yoruba. Yoruba took a huge chunk of the song. Albeit the verses are not coherent in meaning, it is energetic & makes the song lively.

On "Kun Faya Kun" is a pop-propelled tune. The song starts with an intro from the funny viral video of a cleric man and his child saying; Je'ko shi owo le fun my, Aameen, Jekan gbagbe owo si mi l'owo, Aameen, Jek'awon bank shey mistake send owo si'nu account my, Aameen. Tinba play tete, je kin je. Aameen. Awon ole t’on man le, t’oma gb’owo dani, t’oma soh si’yan l’aya. T’ode ma batiwon loh, jeko s’owo si mi l’aya, k’oma batiwon loh. Aameen. Although the title pays homage to the Arabic phrase in the Quran, referring to creation by Allah. There have been debates on the similarities between Asake and Seyi Vibez, and this particular track makes the comparison valid. Seyi Vibez croons on the beat like Asake. The excess slang and the delivery are similar.

Seyi Vibez Billion Dollar Baby 2 0 Album Artwork Backcover

"Ogochukwu" thrives on its distinct Amapiano production and the crowd vocals. The song is a voyage through various topics, from prayers to singing about a lady to bragging. Beyond the domineering crowd vocals and the female voice as backup, the song remains a delight. Seyi Vibez made a banger tune.

If he had sung "Go Low" in the late 90s, he would have effortlessly fit in the Fuji music genre. On this track, he embodies the Fuji sound, employing the kid voice in the production. It's one of the songs you want to dance to and throw your legs to. The song is rife with call and response; Tinba k'orin, won a nomi l'owo oh (nomi l'owo oh), Orin d'owo oh (orin d'owo oh), Baby, go low oh, J'aye lo, kosi ishoro oh (j'aye lo, kosi ishoro oh)

Closing off the sonic door with "IQ", The track starts with a kid's voice reciting Arabic verses and getting applauded for it. Followed up with a trumpet solo of a Yoruba song. He changed the tempo of the Album's flow to a mid-tempo mode. It is boisterous and sees Seyi Vibez in his wisdom-dishing mood, oozing confidence amidst life's challenges and sharing his life's journey and growth. The track ended with the same trumpet solo it started with.

Seyi Vibez Picture

Seyi Vibez has got vibez. Loads of them, and he's ever ready, ever wanting to share them with the world. "Billion Dollar 2.0" is one of those vibes-filled projects. From the massive crowd vocal overdubs to a backing female voice, the lively delivery, the relentless lyrics, and an ever-diversified production coupled with his versatility, it's, without doubt, Seyi Vibez appeals to both the street and boulevard more after the release of this project. Undoubtedly, a whole has been talked about his Fuji strain, and truly, the Seyi Vibez appears to have Fuji influences. Also, this project reveals his Islamic background.

Seyi Vibez Picture

Billion Dollar Baby 2.0 provides Seyi Vibez with room to give his music fans the different sides to his brand of music. It's a long stretch of varying styles. Seyi Vibez could be razz, he could be Street-tinged in his songs, and on some days, he sounds like a street king who gives off wisdom-filled expressions when necessary.

Ultimately, this project effortlessly secures him new fans and, most importantly, end-of-the-year shows and concerts. It's possible to predict that some, if not all, of the songs on this project can dominate the charts or possibly be a club hit until 2023.

What are your thoughts about the deluxe version "Billion Dollar 2.0"? What's your best track off this project? Do you think he shouldn't have released it yet? Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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