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A Review of TI Blaze EL Major Album. TI Blaze EL Major Album Is a Pop-Tinged Ghetto Gospel

Mar 05

A Review of TI Blaze EL Major Album. TI Blaze EL Major Album Is a Pop-Tinged Ghetto Gospel

A Review of T.I Blaze's EL Major Album. T.I Blaze's "EL Major" Is a Pop-Tinged Ghetto Gospel. On this Debut Album, "EL Major", TrendyBeatz analyses how this project is a snapshot of his present state of mind, different from the usual style he's known for - laced up with thirteen streaming tracks with features coming from the young generation star artists line-up of LADIPOE, Fave, Skiibii, Bella Shmurda, Backroad Gee and Camidoh. This project could be categorised under the "Street Pop" genre, but most of the songs on the album are pop-tinged.

As a versatile rapper, singer and street pop don, Olamide has helped to launch different artists' careers in the music industry. T. I. Blaze remains one of the loads of up-and-coming street artists who gained from Olamide's benevolent return to the genre. The final quarter of last year, however, signalled a homecoming of sorts for him, which he achieved in verses for several street acts - including Portable, Bad Boy Timz, Asake, and T. I. Blaze. Albeit, these are only some of the artists that have benefitted; this only encompasses the artists Olamide has helped since 2021 till date.

Of all of today's Street-Pop stars, no one presents a more factual representation of his lowest experiences like T.I Blaze. He released his first hit song during the post-covid19 era when the clubs and parties yearned for street bangers, and T.I Blaze's "Sometimes" was released to become an instant hit and viral hit immediately it was remixed with Olamide, who helped to contribute a strong, punchy verse on the track.

T.I. Blaze didn't stop creating. He didn't get comfortable with being known for just a hit song. Instead, he kept on refurbishing his art and dishing music to his newly found fans. One could envisage the angst and frustration oozed in the song when he said, "Why life come hard, and man no want to do bad" perhaps this is why he didn't slack off.

T I Blaze EL Major Album Artwork Frontcover

From releasing an outstanding project, "The Fresh Prince of Lagos" EP on Friday, February 25, 2022 - an EP that housed hit songs like "Try" and "Sometimes" - to releasing his debut album nine months after.

On the opening track titled "Good Life", T.I Blaze expressed his audibility and came on the beat confident. His lyrics are motivational when he says, "Me, I don know say, nothing good comes easily (nothing good comes soft), All over the world, make dem feel me, feel me, ah ", offering his two cents to those struggling to make it to preserve and endure the challenges that come with making it to the top.

T.I Blaze took it personally on the Amapiano-influenced track "Benefit", advising people to work hard and not waste time on frivolous spending. "You no get benefit, bro, but you still dey gara Na who supposed to loyal pass, if e no be you, my brush, Your mate dey work, you don follow woman go Kafansha, Na when dem dey rest, you go work your own, you go d'agbaya, Dem no dey tell person to work oh (ah-ah, yeah), Dem no dey tell person "suffer dey somewhere dey hide" he laid it bare sonically.

There's a similar Melody pattern in "Yawa" featuring Backroad Gee and the "Far Away" track. On this song, one would deny that it was the same person on "sometimes" that sang these colourful tunes. On these two tracks, he keeps the beat bouncy and flows softly on hip-hop patterns through the melodies.

On the Niphkeys produced Amapiano track, "Lock Up", T.I Blaze takes it on a party tune. It's reminiscent of his style on the "Try" track. On the song, he subtly edged Buju Benson's name in the pop-culture verbiage by mentioning his name in the lyrics. Laced with modern log drums and Saxophone sound, T.I Blaze comes dauntless in living his life to the fullest without regretting it and indulging in smoking. "Livin' my life to the fullest (fullest) Livin' my life with no regret (regret) Somebody pass me my cigarette (cigarette, cigarette, cigarette)," T.I Blaze sings.

T I Blaze Major Picture

"Panic" chops up an evergreen Ghanaian ditty, slowing its dance rhythms and tempos, but the genius is the staggered drum patterns courtesy of the producer - DIBS.

"Vigure" sees TI. Blaze lusting over the body of a lady. Filled with sexually related lyrics "I get plenties shawties on deck (o por oh) One gimme kiss, one dey gimme head (o por oh), Say, I fit pour the cum on her chest Or in her mouth, in her V, I'm aware"

"Play" is lacquered with the fast-rising star Fave's sultry voice waxing eloquently on the afro-pop beat. It's low-tempo, and it goes calmly on a romantic note. She comes out fiery on this track, sending a stern warning off to her partner, who is only needed to spend money on her to spend whilst withholding love and affection. It's evident when she said, "no come dey use me dey play, emotions are crazy, how much you give me troway".

"Kilo" featuring Skiibii and "Fire down" featuring Camidoh are two major party tracks that are produced on high notes to cause one to dance. The former is one of the oldest tracks on the project, containing more verses plucked from the street gospel. The guest artists on these tracks delivered their A-game on this track.

"Frenemies" features LADIPOE helming the second part of the Verse, while T. I Blaze focuses on the chorus and verses. It is an ode to enemies who come to one as friends. He begs God to save him from people who are fake to him. It's more solemn and paranoid with T.I Blaze, with an efficient verse from the elusive rapper LADIPOE to boot.

T I Blaze EL Major EP Album Backcover

The opening intro of the Amapiano track "My Life" is colourful and memorable, with the saxophone notes. The heavy percussion of log drums and centralised production help T.I Blaze to make a sing-along song. On this track, T.I Blaze's Fuji and Juju music elements come off, more essentially, in the production. This track embraces parties and seeks enjoyment while calling on people for a ride through the night and forgetting their worries.

Most artists always choose to end their projects without a feature, unlike this album. T.I. Blaze shut the sonic door of the album featuring his fellow street pop artist, Bella Shmurda. Inarguably, It is the least superb track, but it's a perfect tone to pull down an album curtain, as the beat is solemn enough to achieve a more intimate setting.

With the debut album "EL Major", T.I Blaze is out to prove that he's worth the hype and ready to leave relative obscurity to the full stage of the mainstream as a versatile artist. At 13 tracks, this album is both an obvious proof of T. I Blaze aims to prove himself and a side-eye to the zeitgeist. As a street artist, Thirteen tracks are risky in a world of poor attention span, but T.I. Blaze guns for inclusiveness. His winning streak demands that he pledges allegiance to all the pillars on which his Street Pop tent is pitched. On EL Major, T.I Blaze favours his true love: Amapiano and Afro Pop – the heartbeat of this album.

It's a diverse project with different features and sounds. Although a strategic way to pull more numbers to the project, would it elevate his music? Perhaps too early to say; however, it is most likely that it will win him more fans and open him to a different demographic.

What can you say about this debut album? Is this one of the best projects of 2022? What's the best-produced song on this album? Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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