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A Review of Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Album. Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Offers Sonic Escapism

Nov 28

A Review of Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Album. Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Offers Sonic Escapism

A Review of Zinoleesky's Grit and Lust EP Album. Zinoleesky's "Grit & Lust" EP Offers Sonic Escapism. In his sophomore extended playlist, titled "Grit & Lust", TrendyBeatz writes about how this EP offers sonic escapism in exploring a new dimension to Zinoleeskey's range. Featuring the young generation afrobeat stars like Omah Lay and Ayra Starr and employing the hands of professional producers like Baby Beat, Medua, and Niphkeys on the music production, while Seyi Awonuga provides the A & R service and his label boss, Naira Marley as the executive producer.

Over the last five years, Street pop music has been at the forefront of Afropop's zeitgeist, providing street music evangelists like Zlatan, CDQ, and Naira Marley, amongst others who have helped to reinvent the music culture into a dance-ready sonic pattern, this has in a way makes music springing up from the west part Africa so irresistibly catchy and lingo-filled. During this period, young street pop stars have risen. A whole lot of them, and the Agege-bred artist, Zinoleesky remains one of the arrays of stars who got the baton early after he bagged a record deal with Marlian music in 2019. As an artist whose style of music radiates dynamic tunes and bouncy delivery. He's no doubt one of the street artists with genius lyricism. From "Ma Pariwo" to "Kilofese" to "Naira Marley" to "Gone Far" to "Blessings". It's been a catalogue of hits. It shows that Zinoleesky seemed to be aware of what the music industry needed at any particular time he released a song. Zinoleesky Picture

On the opening track, "Personal", Zinoleesky takes the music personally and tries - in a way - to brag to his fans that he's one of the best of his generation. He's optimistic about his success, and all he needs is a prayer from his parents as he rides on the mid-tempo instrumentals. The song is a message to himself - declarative assertions. "All this people like to dey whine, They saying many shits online, But, I don caution mi self, Say, I won't torture mi self, ye, ah All this people like to dey whine me, Saying many shits online ni, But, I don caution mi self, That, I won't torture mi self, I don block all mi ears" He subtly added his awareness of what naysayers talk about him and how they say different things about him on social media. There's a high level of grit in the way Zinoleesky seeks love and lust in "Odinaka" when he says, "I go die if I no chase you, ah, Nothing shake you, baby, Uhn girl, nothing shake you, This kind love oh, Na forever, no time up oh". For a song that has the same sonic pattern as his viral hit song titled "Naira Marley", he steeped in hedonistic lines, and one could tell a total abdication of freewill to a lady he loves. He's heavy on sex and love, albeit the latter is more pronounced than the former. It's a beautiful track that sees Zinoleesky's vulnerability in loving a girl. On the full Amapiano-tinged track "Yan yan yan", Zinokeesky sings about his story of success and the days he was an underdog artist. "Back then, dem no feel us (feel us), The way dem no take a man serious (serious), Ask about me, we never given up, Now, all my dreams, I'm living up, Now, dem dey find us like one plot for Pinnock" he brags. On the chorus, Zinokeeskey became lewd with his lyrics as he sang about his sexual exploits with women. Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Album Artwork Frontcover

The Amapiano track "Run It Up" finds Zinoleesky singing about his achievement and trying to inspire with the lyrics. It's the club banger type of song, and it's a song that proves Zinoleeskey's mastery of music and also his versatility in crafting a bright tune void of street-pop melody.

On the up-tempo track "Many Roads", Zinoleesky teamed up with Ayra Starr to craft a colourful tune. The guitar set the track on, with the strings and keys underneath, singing about their relationship issues. Ayra Starr made Zinoleesky a spectator in his song. He came alive on the song and made a memorable verse on the track. The chemistry of Omah Lay and Zinoleesky on the Niphleys produced track titled "Last Time" is palpable. The duo shared their stories about the girl who isn't giving them the green light despite their efforts to demand attention. It's a typical instrumental that Omah Lay flows with, and he dominated the track and gave the most outstanding delivery. Zinoleesky Picture

Zinoleesky croons softly on the fusion of Amapiano, afrobeat and house music in "Call Of Duty". In this track, he's trying to love two women at the same time. "My mind is split in two, I love you, but I love Simbi too" is the lyrics that find him in a split decision. But is Zino ready to leave one for the other? Is he trying to eat his cake and have it? Maybe yes, and it reminds us of the title. He's ready to play them, like Call of duty. Zinoleesky closed the sonic door with the Niphkeys-produced track "Rocking", a track that's reminiscent of his 2020 viral song "Kilofeshe". It's an Amapiano track that sees Zinoleesky singing with fewer words. He rides on a cheesy line reflecting on money and women he has had relationships with. Layered with upbeat percussion that's set on Zinoleesky's voice pace. "Ah, keep on poppin', keep on rockin' Pasuma, kiboroki" is another old Fuji song that etched pasuma's name in afrobeat verbiage. On this sophomore project, "Grit & lust", Zinoleesky tried to maintain the theme of the EP by employing some lustful words that tell his stories of lust and his hedonistic intentions. There's also grit in the way he brags about his craft and his self-aware about his growth in the music industry as one Gen Z leading generation artist. The songs are not hit-type songs, as he's focused on reinvention and evolving his sound from the box of the usual Amapiano bouncy beat to a more mature song in cohesion and style. Zinoleesky Grit and Lust EP Album Artwork Backcover

It's also noteworthy to see how he pulled eight solid tracks in an EP. Expectedly, EP should not be more than 4-6 songs; therefore, "Grit & Lust" is more of an album than an EP. Sound Engineering – 2 Listening Experience – 2 Vocalisation – 1 Lyricism – 2 Tracklisting – 1 Overall Rating: 8/10 What's your favourite track from this project? Do you think the production is one of the best of 2022? Which track on the EP deserves the hit status? Let's know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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