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Fear Women: 10 Nigerian Songs That Preach The Gospel Better

Jun 23

Fear Women: 10 Nigerian Songs That Preach The Gospel Better

Fear Women: 10 Nigerian Songs That Preach The Gospel Better. In this article, TrendyBeatz curated a list of ten Nigerian songs that preach the gospel of "Fear Women" in no particular order while reviewing the story behind the lyrics, the context of the theme and the production of each song.

Of most of the songs released every week in Nigeria, seventy percent, if not eighty, is centred around love, women and relationships. Realistically, there have been a lot of artists who have faced marital failure and suffered heartbreak in the music industry, and whenever such happens, they put up their anger in the studio and pour their minds into the music to express the pains inflicted upon them by their female partners.

Inarguably, women are not the only cause of infidelity, as there are no accurate statistics to prove it. Men also cheat, albeit the recent pop culture word on the internet and in the minds of Netizens on Twitter remains "Fear Women".

Blaqbonez on stage Performing Fear Women 1

Kizz Daniel "Fuck you"

"Fuck You" is that mid-tempo Afropop beat produced by Young Jonn where Kizz Daniel appears to slut-shame a woman for her decisions. He talks about infidelity and unfaithfulness among women. In this track, Kizz Daniel falls in romantic love with a lady and, most especially, falls in love with the colour of her skin. "Shebi na me dey find Sisi yellow". Kizz regrets singing because the lady isn't the type to be described as a faithful partner as she sleeps around with different types of men, which according to Kizz Daniel, It's now her habit, her hobby.

"You come dey, Fuck you over, Fvck you this one Fuck you that one, Fvck you aro, Fuck you Akon, Fvck you Pedro, Fuck you Tekno, Fvck you Aboki Fuck you Sheyman, Fvck you Wizzy, Fuck you Don Baba J, Fvck you Jago, Fuck you Aremu, Fvck You Mr Mulla" Kizz Daniel made a list of men she has had sexual affairs with.

Joeboy ft Mayorkun "Don't Call Me Back"

Produced by 'Beats By Ko', the track "Don't Call Me Back" joins the catalogue of heartbreaking songs that expresses the pains of the aftermath of a relationship. The title is a vengeful response of anger on how the lady is trying hard to come back to the relationship after getting another man. Joeboy's opening verse brought out different emotions of moving on to another woman. Mayorkun's verse contribution was similar, and it expresses the pain of the song.

"Don't call me back" according to the context of this song, simply implies that don't ask me to return to the same relationship you intentionally walked out of yourself. The drum beats and the piano chords made the song interesting, and their appealing vocals made it appealing that you'd hardly remember it's a heartbreak song.

In one of Joeboy's interviews on what motivated the song, he said: "I was really into this girl, she don't like me no more, she's on to another person, I feel bad about it, but at the end of the day, I tell her not to call me back when she finds out I'm with someone else too."

Ric Hassani's "Thunder Fire You"

Even if you're not a true fan of contemporary Nigerian Artists, you must have heard about Ric Hassani before, who released one of the most controversial in 2021. In this particular song titled 'Thunder Fire You' off his album "The Prince I became", one thing is certain to grab your attention on the song - the unique instrumentals and his vocal delivery in a mellow manner.

The controversial title of this track is the reason the song was banned by NBC. Nonetheless, it reflects the need to highlight the thin line between selfishness and love. Ric Hassani poured his mind out on how he gave love to the lady and eventually got cheated on and still gets to gossip about him. This got to Ric Hassani's head when he started raining abuses and curses in the lyrics and sending her to hell.

"Thunder fire you, For all the lies you told me, Thunder fire you, For when you cheated on me, Thunder fire you, You never did deserve me, E no go better for you, So thunder fire you" he sings emotionally.

Omah lay Understand

On the Tempo-produced track titled "Understand", Omah Lay nurses a broken heart as he laments the pain caused by a past lover. After giving everything for love, he was betrayed and his gestures taken for granted by the woman he trusted. In this song, Omah Lay registers his disappointment while expressing his pain.

The lyrics: "You don cut my weavon and dread ah, You make a boy sick and a boy well ah, Nothing my eye see my mouth e don tell ah, I enter rain 'cause I give you umbrella, I thought we in this together, Give you my necklace pendant, Give you my last card, you spend am, I show you my best friend, you friend am" talks about how love comes with a risk of being jilted, even after doing everything possible to satisfy the lady, she betrayed. This song preaches the "Fear Women" gospel.

Chike "Out of love"

On the Blaise Beatz-produced track titled "Out Of Love", Chike sings about losing love to someone who fell out of love with him' The hook to this song feels like a perfect tune specially made for live performances due to its expression. Chike reveals the reason why he stopped calling or picked the calls from the lady; according to him, the lady did him wrong, and it was too late before he realised it.

The lyrics: "Oh Chike oh, this is hard for me to say, But I'm gonna say it anyway, I've fallen out of love with you You know say me I do you right, I wonder why you do me wrong, How did I miss the signs, Could have read between the lines, Oh why And she said to me." register emotions.

The soothing part of the track, aside from the lyrics of a story of love gone sour, is that violin that creeps up at times - so calm, and right in place. Nonetheless, this track is a mid-tempo groovy tune.

P Square "Omoge Mi"

The R & B-tinged track titled "Omoge Mi" was released in 2005 off Psquare's "Get Squared" album. The melody in this track cannot hide the pains and heartbreak embedded in the lyrics of the song. The twins, Peter and Paul, shared the most melodramatic and the most gripping stories about their lovers. It's a ballad about a lover who cheats and sleeps with people and even their best friend.

There are so many tears in the lyrics when he said: "So many times I wonder why, Tears dey for my eyes For so long me I no know, Say my girlfriend and my best friend, They play me and them no send, This na the thing way dey make me feel so, I bin forgive her the other time, She was begging to be mine I told her not to cry, That everything will be alright But now I wonder why, It has to be this guy, This na my only best friend." Despite giving her chances and forgiving her when she cheats, the lady still cheats on him with his best friend.

Burna Boy's "Last Last"

The creative Chopstix-produced track titled "Last Last" off Burna Boy's Love, Damini Album is a post-heartbreak song which samples instrumentals, and Toni Braxton's cadence from her noughties song 'He Wasn't Man Enough', following his breakup with the British-Jamaican rapper - Stefflon Don.

Burna Boy narrates how the breakup affects his mental health to the point of making him indulge in Weed and Liquor, which he calls "Igbo and Shayo" in the Yoruba dialect.

His vulnerability came alive when he sang about how his Ferrari crashed in Lekki and how he took it back to the memory lane of his days in Port Harcourt when his feelings oscillated like a swing. The lyrics: "I dey Port Harcourt when dem kill Soboma, I dey try to buy motor, one Toyota Corolla, My feelings been dey swing like jangolova, Feelings been dey swing like jangolova" shows that he's undone, he's still hurt on the heartbreak, and so he seeks solace in the company of friends & booze.

Blaqbonez on stage Performing Fear Women 2

Darey Art Alade "Not The Girl"

Darey Art Alade is one of the most powerful contemporary music artists in Nigeria. There's always depth to his lyrics, emotions in his vocals and expressions in the way he pitches his voice. And this song, "Not The Girl", isn't an exception. In this slow-tempo track, Darey crooned on solemn notes accompanied by piano chords. He's disappointed in the lady he's dating. The lady has started putting on some characters that hurt him. It's evident in the lyrics: "You're not the girl I used to know, You're a shadow of yourself, I think I lost you long ago, Like a book that's left the shelf, I hear the footsteps down the hall, And I know someday that will be, leaving me for good" Darey feels hurt and pained.

In the second verse, Darey flexed his vocal prowess and ability as he switched to higher notes.

Praiz "Folashade"

Praiz is one of the best vocalists in the Nigerian Music Industry, and in this song titled "Folashade", he begs for love that seems uninterested in him anymore. The track starts with guitar picks, with Praiz'd vocal striking on the full piano chord. He's scared of the effects of the loss if the lady leaves him, according to him: "My days and years if you walk away, I will cry cos I'm not ashamed If you say goodbye girl I'm gonna break, I know my heart won't be the same, Not a lie just to make your stay" and so he begs. It's another heartbreaking song that talks about a lady hurting a man who's still in love.

Djinee "Ego"

Osayamwen Donald popularly known as Djinee released "Ego" in the year 2004 at a period when the Nigerian music industry has not crossed International borders, but the production still sounds refreshing, like a song dropped in recent times. It started with a guitar intro and Djinee's soothing voice. It's a song about a love story about a lady "Ego", that never comes no matter how the artist beckons for it. "Ewo! If you help me see Ego, Make you tell am I don go, She no look me and so, Don pack my load go" exudes the painful emotions of the artist.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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