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illBliss "Illy Chapo X" Album Review: A Lyrically Dope Album!

Nov 28

illBliss "Illy Chapo X" Album Review: A Lyrically Dope Album!

This is a Review Of illBliss 2020 Album Tagged "Illy Chapo X"

The Headies "Lyricist on the Roll" awardee and very Talented Nigerian Rapper, illBliss released his 7th Studio Album tagged "ILLY CHAPO X" on the 29th May 2020. The timing of the Album release was not-so-ideal because that was when the Covid-19 Virus began spreading in so many countries and massive numbers.

Everyone was in suspense and always in-the-news to know more about the Corona Virus and the progress in getting a cure or a vaccine, so, all songs and playlists released as at then, went unnoticed, no matter the calibre of the said Artiste or Celebrity.

illBliss's "ILLY CHAPO X" 17-Track Album is a Great Album with standard-quality lyrical content. Trust illBliss on that as he never fails to deliver Catchy, Dope and Meaningful Lyrics when featured, or even dropping a solo-track.

I've listened to all tracks on the Album, I'll also list and drop links to them, but I'll be reviewing the songs with Exceptional Lyrical Content and Bars here. All 17 Tracks are of High Quality, but I've listened and picked my Favourites for this Review.

You are encouraged to download all Songs on the Album, listen and Pick your favourites too. Undoubtedly, the songs in this Review will most likely be among your Favourites.

Overall Album Rating:


IllBliss Illy Chapo X Album Tracklist>

1. Remember (ft. Johnny Drille): We all feel down and bereaved when we lose a loved one to the cold hands of death, while some find it hard to get over with, while it takes time for some to move on after the demise. IllBliss chose the 13th track on this Album to remember and sing about the sweet-memories he had with his late Dad and aunt whom he held in high regards.

IllBliss made the best decision on choosing Mavins Superstar Alternative singer Johnny Drille to take on the Chorus and bless the song with his soothing voice; he did a great job on that. IllBliss Started by dropping bars telling his late Dad how he has finally made it big as a rapper, he went ahead to say to him about his daughter, mum and wife. IllBliss sent a message to his late aunt too, appreciating her for all her help, guide and advice while she was alive. This song justifies the fact that IllBliss has always been one of the Best Lyricist in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Even with the dopest Lyrical lines, a bad beat and studio production can flop a song, and on this note, I'm giving a shoutout to "Suspekt" for his great works in the production of this track.

Download illBliss ft Jonny Drille – Remember

Song Rating:

2. Bizness: On this KezyKlef Produced track, illBliss made a note on how the Igbo Tribe in Nigeria are experts in running business transactions and operating successful Businesses, with no Publicity, show-off and no open mention of Net-worth or even revenue sources. He made a note on how the Igbo tribesmen are very successful in Exports, Imports and also anything that would likely be exchanged for money (Lol!).

Although this song has a combination of 70% of Igbo and 30% of English Language, I'm still giving it a 9/10 rating. You need to get your ears on this song.

Download IllBliss – Bizness

Song Rating:

3. Green White Green: With the already tainted image of Nigeria, and foreigners perception that Nigerians are mostly fraudsters, illicit drug pushers, or worst still; orchestrators of anything terrible and unlawful, IllBliss Oga Boss took to this track which is the song number 14 on his Album to enlighten everyone on how Nigerians are also of good behaviour, conduct and successful people in different life endeavours; and just a low-number of Bad eggs here.

He also made it known that there are successful and legitimate Nigerians making waves and the country proud in and out of the country. Still, the media always chose to report and put more emphasis on the bad news about Nigerians. Trust IllBliss to do justice to this KezyKlef Produced song with his lyrical prowess.

Download IllBliss – Green White Green

Song Rating:

4. Country: illBliss chose to sing about the corrupt leadership-style of Nigerian Politicians and how every leader, old and young, new and past are all corrupt, greedy and self-centred.

In his words; "Are we really a Country, or just a sea of Greedy People?". This song is track number 4 on the Album and the Production credit goes to Toye ARU.

Download IllBliss – Country

Song Rating:

1. Generations: Rounding up this Review with our 5th Favourite Track which happens to be the track number 12 off his Album.

illBliss dropped bars on his prayers for the next generation coming after this; he prays they never pass through the shits that we did. This songs production credit goes to KezyKlef.

Download IllBliss – Generations

Song Rating:

Just like the regular practice of artistes adding previously released songs to their new Album, illBliss did the same by adding some old songs into this Album, although they blend in perfectly with the album theme, the fact that they've previously been released as singles way before the Album; can't be discarded.

Other Songs worth Mentioning:

illBliss ft Phyno – Upper Iweka

illBliss ft Yemi Alade – Fever

illBliss ft Olamide – 40ft Container

illBliss – Heal

illBliss – Goddess

Buy illBliss – Illy Chapo X Album on Apple Music.

Download Full Tracks of illBliss – Illy Chapo X Album Here

What do you think about IllBliss Illy Chapo X Album? Drop your comment in the comment section on this page.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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