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BBNaija: Analysis Of The Night's Fight Between Wathoni and Erica

Nov 28

BBNaija: Analysis Of The Night's Fight Between Wathoni and Erica

Big Brother Naija Season 5 (Lockdown) reality TV show has brought forth different controversies, stories, and analogies from different fans and viewers all over Africa.

A Facebook user, with the name "Chibuike Joseph Chukwudum", has taken on a keen twist of the fight between Wathoni and Erica, and has released a rather interesting analysis - from his point of view. From the editor's pick, we say you read this rather interesting piece and from an observant eye - enjoy!

Bringing in Whathoni' s child into the conversation was way out of line; it's a fvcking low blow. I understand Wathoni started it first. She kept mentioning her son, saying stuff like: "I have a son, I'm older than most of the guys in this house; I don't have feelings for any of them, and can't have anything to do with them either." In response, Erica used the same line back on her: "You say you're 29 and have a son; act your fvcking age!" I understand that.

However, fact is when kids are involved, context doesn't really matter— at least not to me. The rule is simple: leave kids out of the fvcking drama, no matter what!

Even if their parent is the one who brings them into the conversation— just like Wathoni did— the smart thing to do is jump and pass, because there's no way you'll follow suite and not look bad.

Erica Picture 2 BBN

Apart from that, I think I liked Erica's approach to the whole situation— going to meet Wathoni in PRIVATE to talk things out with her, after she had slandered her in "PUBLIC." I liked that. However, she lost me once she brought Wathoni's kid into the conversation.

Erica has a poor control over her emotions: when she loses it, her emotions gets all over the place, and a series of poor choices— including the hilarious, transient break-ups with Kidd— follows.

If any female housemate is going to get a strike, or even a disqualification, it is going to be Erica. Not because she's toxic, but because she finds it difficult reigning herself in, and/or walking out from a potentially volatile situation— when provoked, without an external intervention; she's therefore prone to making dangerous mistakes.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving herself vulnerable to the mischievous in a dangerous way.


Wathoni Picture 2 BBN

Wathoni keeps telling everyone that cares to listen that she's 29, has a son, older than all the guys in the house— save for Praise— and can therefore not have feelings for any guy in the house.

However, we know this to be untrue: we know she's desperate about "booing up," and that;

-- Even though Kidd may have somewhat encouraged it with his indiscriminate flirtatiousness in the first week, she caught feelings and actively wanted both of them to be a thing.

-- She was head-over-heels with Prince, and wanted so bad for the both of them to happen.

-- If Eric hadn't left on Sunday, she may have ended up in his arms.

-- She's still actively searching, hoping, and frustrated about it.

Not just do we know these, we also know that she has a way of transferring her frustrations about the guys she "lost out on" onto the ladies they ended up with. For instance, the T'Baj situation [yeah, we know that the "Act 2, Scene 1" of that drama, which came out from the blues, was no longer about sleeping on Lilo's bed, or not].

So, she feigning unawares as to the genesis of her passive aggressive behavior towards certain ladies in the house is hilarious. Even if it is not apparent to her, it is obvious to us— the viewers.

Wathoni is fvcking crafty too: she gaslights you behind the scenes, and then lays back to play the fvcking victim to the gallery. It'd, for instance, take clairvoyance to decipher that the same Wathoni, who —even though Erica was THE ONE WHO CONFRONTED HER— was aggressive enough to turn the tables on Erica, and put her on the defensive, when they were in PRIVATE; was the same person who became laid back, unfazed, absorbing all the blows, when they were IN FRONT OF THE OTHER HOUSEMATES.

What they all saw subsequently was: Erica— the aggressor, and "poor Wathoni" — the bullied. Brilliant chess move!

Another Elephant in the room that can't be ignored is the following sequence of events:

-- Erica meets Wathoni, to find out why she's being cold towards her.

-- They iron out their differences.

-- A white flag is hoisted between them, symbolizing peace.

-- Barely an hour later, Wathoni slanders Erica in front of the other housemates, spewing a lot of unflattering things she [Erica] supposedly told her about Kidd.

-- "Shook," Erica meets her privately to figure out what happened to their "less-than-a-second" makeup.

-- Shit goes down.


Nengi 2 BBN

Nengi is what heroines are made of: fearless! She's not afraid to stand up against what she feels is wrong, and stand by her convictions, even if it favours someone she doesn't really give a damn about, and hurts a friend.

When Erica messed up by bringing up Wathoni's kid, she pointed it out, demanding that she left the child out of it.

After the fight, she went to hug Erica, saying that she understood how her feeling pushed over the edge may have made her to go that low.

When Erica tried to catch in on that to shalaye and defend herself, she reaffirmed her stance, insisting that kids should be off limits, no matter what— all the while still holding her in her embrace.


Kiddwaya BBN Picture 2

If I was a female housemate in that house, and had the option of choosing a partner, I would choose Kidd over any other person a million times over.

And I wouldn't do that because of his physical attributes, or his purported deep pockets, or even his romantically expressive nature, and ability to care; I'd do that because of his:

-- Emotional intelligence.

-- Ability to read volatile situations, and take decisive steps to deescalate them.

-- Unwavering and unflinching support for his partner.

-- Ability to resolve disputes with his partner behind closed doors, and to ALWAYS present a united front publicly.

One would have thought that with the whole "unveiling of Erica" BS involving unflattering things she supposedly said about him, he'd have hung her outside to dry— especially when she unwittingly "broke up" with him following the drama that ensued.

He knew, however, that having felt attacked from all angles, and cornered like a mouse, was a frustrating experience for her— especially since she was being accused of not really caring about the person she cares for most— and must have been the reason for her poor choices. That's emotional intelligence.

So, he took her away— removing her from a volatile situation; gave her a shoulder to cry on; reassured her; and gave her insight into the game plan:

" Don't let us argue in front of them, because that's what she wants, and if we do that, then she's winning...."

Downstairs, Wathoni later told someone— Lucy, I think— that she'd be around when they'd break up, and that she'd laugh at both of them.

To the shock of everyone, who thought that the foundation of the Kidd-Rica "ship" had been shaken, the "ship" irreparably damaged, and that there was trouble in paradise; the Wayas returned in each others arms, exchanging kisses.

Kidd didn't stop at ensuring that they maintained a united front; he took everyone outside, to the bar, for drinks. By so doing, he disbanded "the gathering," and also dispersed the uncomfortable air around the house, lifting everyone's mood.

Minutes later, everyone was drinking, gisting, and joking around again, while Wathoni and Lucy removed themselves, and retreated to have what was practically a slander/gossip session about Erica that lasted almost an hour.

Kiddwaya: fvcking chess master.

Class act!


Lucy BBN Picture 3

The chairman, Bitter Leaf FC, didn't let the opportunity pass her by; she was quick to recruit Wathoni into her club, took her under her bitter wings, and started pouring her more driks from a bottle of Alomo Bitters.

Poor Wathoni: she doesn't know she's only but a means to an end.


Laycon BBNaija Picture

Laycon didn't play any active role. However, one would be blind not to notice that;

-- he was present while Erica was being slandered in her absence, and didn't put in a word in defense of her [To be fair though, he doesn't owe her shit, considering].

- the seed of his previous backbiting against Erica— planted understandably from a place of hurt— seems to have germinated in a lot of the housemates.

If either of Kidd or Erica were to be up for eviction— and the house had to decide— they'd probably go.

Well played Laycon.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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