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These Wizkid Songs Were Hit but Were so Underrated

Jun 19

These Wizkid Songs Were Hit but Were so Underrated

These Wizkid's Songs Were Hit but Were so Underrated. In the light of Wizkid’s upcoming 4th studio album, “More Love, Less Ego” which was rumoured to be released later this year, We at TrendyBeatz bring to you a list of Wizkid’s most underrated songs. In clear terms — these songs were curated on the basis that, even though some of these tracks were loved by many, they deserved more recognition and international exposure than they got. Ride with us.

Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid and now morphed into a bigger reformation as Big Wiz, dominated the copious cultural relevance and acclaim for his sweet, calm melodies at a time when the music industry was less hectic with different afrobeat musicians. After the social media revolution, his relevance began to be noticed on a more global scale, from being just an EME’s gem to becoming one of the biggest wonders of African music.

Rising from Surulere, Wizkid didn’t just erupt as a random musician; Banky W gave the young starboy a platform at a time when he was about building one of the most formidable faculties in the music business in Nigeria alongside artists like Niyola, Shaydee, and Skales. It’s a general knowledge that Wizkid has one of the most impressive catalogues from any Nigerian afrobeats musician, with three solid album projects and over sixty singles.

Picture of Wizkid performing on stage

1. Thank You

“Thank you” was arguably one of the best things to happen to African music in 2012. At the time it was released, the tune didn’t get the number of flowers it deserved, but it will forever remain a party tune— a classic and evergreen song.

There’s something special about the “Thank You” song. Aside from that, Wizkid dedicated the song as an appreciative track to his fans for their unflinching support. He also appreciated God for his journey throughout his short achievement at that time. It was an excellent record, but it didn’t get enough recognition.

2. “For Me” Featuring Wande Coal

As their first collaboration, “For me” was released on the 12th of June in 2011 and with this song, you can probably understand the extent of the duo’s artistic collaborations. This particular song is a collaboration that did not receive enough merit and, without a doubt, remains one of the best collaborations we had in the last decade.

The duo flowed on a seamless harmonic sound against a bouncy and ecstatic beat, mostly filled with Yoruba lyrics. Most DJs who knew their onions back then used this song in the club to get a rousing reaction from the party-goers. But unfortunately, it didn’t make the numbers it truly deserved.

3. Lagos Vibes

If there exists a ranking for Wizkid’s underrated music, Lagos Vibes should top the chart as the most criminally underrated song of his lifetime. The love charge song was produced by Spotless and regarded by most fans as Wizkid in his best form of singing. The song, which was baked with afrobeat laced guitar ticks is one of those love songs made to throw shoes away, vibe and dance like you don’t own your legs.

Picture of Wizkid Performing on stage

Despite the sonic undertones of this record, we need to know why this song wasn’t played by every existing DJ and Radio station in 2018. It was the perfect blend of Afropop.

4. Wizkid - Picture Perfect

We had to add this number to the list, as not only is it a hugely underrated jam that we don’t get to hear enough in the clubs. If “Picture Perfect” was meant to be a ‘test the water’ project for Wizkid to sound pop, then he must have surely learnt how to swim by now. This track is a single from Wizkid’s “Sound from the Other Side” album.

In this record, Wizkid expresses himself in this slow love song which has this Afropop background sound to it. It was one of the last landmarked songs of Wizkid’s first act. On the single, he is in ebullient mode as he pontificates about love and compatibility. We know this song deserves more numbers than it does have, and we’d give anything to get visuals for this masterpiece.

Now the question is, why is this song not a national romance anthem?

Picture of Wizkid Performing on Stage

5. Wizkid — Jam ft Chronix

The chemistry between Wizkid and Chronix in “Jam” is insane. After the Soundman EP, It became crystal clear that WizKid’s sound had evolved; he no longer bothered about following trends to make hits. He just sings from his soul and expresses himself effortlessly.

Beyond the “wanna-be pop-star” apparel that Ayo Balogun sometimes wears, one could tell that he’s truly a beautiful, sweet and soft songwriter. This is evident in this track. Wizkid was serving vocals and harmonies, but it didn’t blow as expected.

6. Wizkid ft Masterkraft Odoo

This particular Jam is a typical example of a bop that was loved by many but was easily forgotten. This duo gave us this melodiously vibrant piece, but the song was not one of those that every DJ is spinning in the club; neither did it get that international appeal that would have suited the entire vibe.

One could guess maybe it’s the reason Wizkid didn’t make a visual for it; it just never got the clout that it rightly deserves.

7. Sisi Nene

If you’re looking for a perfect encapsulation of Wizkid’s star power circa 2012, “Sisi Nene” might be the most potent example there is. One of Wizkid’s earliest releases under Banky W’s “EME” record label.

At the time, glossiness was already etched into the DNA of popular Nigerian music, but Wizkid — with the help of the producer, Jay Sleek — took things up a notch where he sang to celebrate his love interests, shower her praises and ask her to twist her waist.

Unarguably, Another jam vibe that popped off on the radio but just never made it to the clubs and international stations where it deserved to live and breathe.

Wizkid Picture

In a year that completely dominated Afropop, the consensus around most of the curated songs is that it’s a criminally underappreciated song, and If we could extend this list to 8, then songs like “Master Groove”, “Lowkey”, “Shout Out” and other different songs would make the list, but we all need to agree that when it comes to Afro-Pop, R&B music, Wizkid remains the king. And at this point, the term “Big Wiz” and “Star Boy” is no longer self-acclaimed because the Grammy award winner is undoubtedly a true star boy. At least, as regards his music.

TrendyBeatz has a greater duty of documenting the art, even beyond the artist and his “doings.” If you know, then you are knowledgeable.

Our expectations for “More Love, Less Ego” is at their peak and with the success of “Made In Lagos”, we are confident that BigWiz will not disappoint.

What other songs of Wizkid’s old or new do you think are underrated and deserve more recognition and acceptance? Put them down in the comments section.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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