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MI Abaga The Guy Album Review. The Guy Is Self-celebratory and A Lyrical Statement Of Fact

Nov 28

MI Abaga The Guy Album Review. The Guy Is Self-celebratory and A Lyrical Statement Of Fact

In this album review, TrendyBeatz writes about how MI showcases his ascension into a legendary status that is conveyed through helmsman-like lyrics and delivery. How he embarked on a long introspective journey where he's ravished by self-worth and revolves around themes like responsibility, romance and pride for one's work, and the music - a blend of Afro-pop, Hip-hop, Traditional Pop, Highlife, and R&B sonics

If there is anything about Jude Abaga - professionally known as MI - that cannot be questioned, it is his artistry as a master lyricist and a hardcore punch liner with effortless delivery.

On soundscapes of raw lyrics & with assistance from talented artists like Olamide, Nas, Wande Coal, The Cavemen, Phyno, Buju (BNXN), Jesse Jags, Ice Prince, Duncan Mighty and many others, MI Abaga (a.k.a The Guy) Unleashed "The Guy Album".

Interestingly, most songs on "The Guy" album were produced by the Veteran music producer, "Chopstix" Every chord, synth, bassline, drum kick and other musical elements were precise and intentional to match each artist's "default" style.

Mister Incredible is more than a brand name for someone who has been in the music industry for over two decades, with four successful albums, two outstanding EPs, and the CEO of Chocolate City. His influence will forever remain a legacy on the hip-hop evolution and the music industry at large.

M.I, who emerged somewhere near the end of the 2000s, at that particular point in time when one could say the rap scene was blooming and experiencing massive attention. The year is 2022, and MI Abaga is undoubtedly one of the hottest rappers in Africa. It's August 19th — that summertime when not many listeners would be expecting a project packed with collaborations.

In making "The Guy" album, MI denounces his old self, and wears a new body after over 15 years as Mister Incredible, he retired the name and changed to "The Guy".

A Track By Track Review of "The Guy" Album:

MI-Abaga The guy album artwork backcover

The album was introduced by "The Guy", the first track and the title track and lead single, which was pre-released before the album. "The Guy" is an attestation to MI's versatility. Flowing on the mid-tempo drill with wordplays like "Some of you no dey ever get the message and that's on Glo, Me I like the way that I am feeling now when that's on Poe." He conveyed deep messages with amazing temerity and fervour that leaves listeners with a mental picture of the message the artist is trying to convey.

Denouncing the rumours that he has a rift with "Vector" he said, "And me and Vector are cool even though we don't chat daily (oshamo)". The Guy is a pure statement of fact.

"The Hate" is a subtle diss track, a response to naysayers who don't pay obeisance to his legendary status. The MI Abaga, who writes fun and witty lyrics, was replaced by a paranoid Jude Abaga on this track.

He said: "You don't respect your elders anymore, Alright, it's okay bro, But you should bow down when you talk to me. The bought my shit down in soweto, I'm a god, I'm a king, I'm a Pharaoh (Yes). Been a leader since I was a day old When I talk you should pay close attention 'Cause of why?, 'cause I say so" Putting haters in check — giving a stern warning to them and reiterating his god status.

When MI started the intro on "Bigger" with "This is history right here" he's not exaggerating. Having Olamide & Nas on the same track is truly history, a collaboration long overdue. On this track, the artists reflected on their journey and bragged about their feats.

The record is best described as a sensual club vibe with Olamide giving the hook and chorus melody alongside NAS reminding us why he is a hardcore lyricist. He said; "My street smarts on code, watch the plot unfold Getting stronger every day, sometimes I think I'm cloned, How sick of my special rhyme."

MI Abaga picture

"Soft Life Tony" is a soft tune, a bop. With this being MI's first attempt at Amapiano, this track is just another display of his artistic versatility. Flowing with the amapiano beats on rap delivery.

Lord Vino gave the hook a tongue-twisting melody, with "I just want soft like Tony" standing out. The record is best described as a sensual club vibe.

On "The Front Door" MI and Duncan Mighty put on their lover boy attire. Albeit, the lyrics of this song are the usual, MI is talking to some girl about love. However, this song wasn't necessary for the album.

The lyrics are honest as well and the steady tempo works well for Duncan Mighty's verse but for some reason, the song isn't memorable. For a song that says "Odo open your door oh, odour, Odo gives me your love oh, odo, odour, Odo opens your love oh baby oh".

Just like "Daddy" featuring Chillz, on the album, the song lacks the passion that it should have. The hook sounds like it's supposed to embody that passion, but even Duncan Mighty's vocals could not achieve that effect. However, MI Abaga is the highlight of these songs. MI carries the song and his lines seem honest as well.

On "Soldier" ft Tomi Owo and "Crazy" ft Ossi Grace, the two songs redeem the album. Soothing and calm. Ossi Grace's vocal is everything heavenly and Tomi Owo with her mellow yet rich vocals and emotive live shine brightly. The hook and chorus of these songs are the best part.

MI joins in with an added background of organ chords and an outpouring of profound lyrics. While the former is a song of hope, the latter is dedicated to Netizens on Twitter who throw vile comments online but need help. Overall, it's a good song and you could find yourself replaying it just to hear the soothing chorus and the verse.

"The Love Song" joins a long catalogue of songs named after women, depicting the desire and obsession with a lady's body. This is another amazing song on the album and it's great for several reasons but one reason stands out: Wande Coal.

This is a collaboration that was bound to happen; the two musical geniuses finally came together to make a banger and they didn't disappoint the fans. This song gives a kind of Afro-house vibe and the hook (as with most of the songs on the album) is its selling point. No matter what you feel about the song when that hook comes on, your body vibrates to it. Wande Coal delivers beautiful vocals as always and MI delivery was on a perfect frequency.

On "The Inside" Cavemen fused elements of jazz and soul music with their evident highlife influences and Phyno tipped in the astonishing vocal capacities of an extremely talented Nigerian music rapper and singer, while MI's verse was viby, channelling the nostalgic highlife soul.

On "Oil" Ft Buju BNXN, the duo flows on a harmonious range, starting with a long blowing trumpet sound, with amazing supporting vocals by BNXN and MI's incredibly smooth trap flow, this song must make the list as one of the best tracks on the album.

BBNaija Dorathy Picture 1

Jesse Jags and Ice Prince came through with MI on the outro song on the album titled "More Life" Both Jesse Jags and Ice Prince are known for their lyrical profundity, so naturally, expectations in terms of lyrical depth and punchlines were super high, and the duo didn't fail to deliver. The track strongly identifies with everything life experience and makes it very relatable. MI gives us a beautifully lyricized verse.

In the end, It's safe to say that MI Abaga has paid his dues while effecting a rebrand of his name with "The Guy", and so he doesn't have anything to prove to listeners again to accord him the respect or royalty he believes he deserves. "The Guy" is a testament to MI Abaga's legendary status.

Is the penmanship as strong as with his old albums? Definitely not. But is it what he needs right now as he breaks into legendary status? Yes, it is!

What are your thoughts about "The Guy" Album? Is it a tight project or something is missing?

TrendyBeatz Rating: /10

Album Sequencing: 1.8/2

Themes and Delivery: 1.5/2

Production: 1.9/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

Execution: 1.3/2

7.9 - Victory

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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