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Chike The Brothers Keeper Album Review. Brothers Keeper Is A Synonym To Melodic Excellence

Dec 10

Chike The Brothers Keeper Album Review. Brothers Keeper Is A Synonym To Melodic Excellence

Chike's The Brother's Keeper Album Review. The Brother's Keeper Is A Synonym To Melodic Excellence. In "The Brother's Keeper", the sophomore album offered a rich trove of insight into the mind of the artist and his sweet melodies and laid-back delivery. At TrendyBeatz, we wrote about how the 16-track Album also found Chike showcasing his versatility in composition and his knack for dropping dance floor-ready tunes with relevant and pithy lyrics.

Since his 2020 debut album "Boo Of The Booless", Chike has continuously cemented his presence in Afropop with a knack for vivid storytelling, urgent lyricism, and excellent musicality. His music has many qualities helmed by the obvious saccharine, sonorous voice and incredibly aware songwriting. "Running to You" ft Simi and "Beautiful People" constructed the myth of Chike, pushing him into the attentive gaze of a soft-tone artist and lovelorn generation during the depressing time of our collective history in 2020.

Picture of Chike Performing Live on Stage

Fast forward from being one of the top ten contestants of Project Fame West Africa to finishing in second place In season one of The Voice Nigeria. Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, the 23-year-old honey-toned artist and songwriter, popularly known by his stage name "Chike" is no longer a rookie nor an upcoming artist. The artist has grown to become one of Nigeria's best Afro-pop musicians.

The singer has seized every opportunity to showcase his undeniable skill and earmark himself as one to watch. His debut album, which most music critics always regard as one of the best albums released in 2020, offered Chike ample space to offer new variations on his usual sounds without erasing what we've come to love.

The album offered Chike ample space to offer new variations on his usual sounds without erasing what we've come to admire in his sound.

Radiating on the diverse sound of Genre(s): Ballad, Afropop, Contemporary R&B, Dancehall, EDM, Afrofusion. To dig into themes like love, relationship, pains, regrets, self-worth and a lyrical message to people who don't feel loved or have anyone to show them love. To A&R the album, Chike re-enlisted Ogaga Sakpaide while DeeYasso, Tee-Y Mix, Killertunes, Echo the Guru, Louddaaa, Sagzy Afroshii, Lord Sky, and Masterkraft did the album's production, with the help of seasoned Afropop veterans such as Azana, Flavour, and rapper, Ycee for a perfect sonic tapestry.

Picture of Chike

The album started with "On the moon". This song exposed Chike's versatility, and I love how Chike shows he's capable of singing on any beat you give him. With the Amapiano beat, the long drum keeps the music flowing at a high frequency. It is smooth, groovy and has a vibe through and through. It's a perfect tune to start an album.

On "Tell Am", this crooner begins with a non-committal tenor before launching into his trademark alto as he yearns for an old love flame. The song may not chart, but expect it to feature in live performances. No doubt, it's a smooth love song.

"Spell" is a ballad admitting to the power of a woman's powerful effect on his body, with the lyrics "You cast a spell on me, I dey feel am dey work, I no fit deny" the song dwells on infatuation.

The Afrobeat "My Africa" comes next, a sultry tune which proves that Chike is a lover of his continents. Laced with saxophone tune, Azana delivers his best verse, and when she sings, “We got one life to live, one life to live, So can I show you, My Africa, my Africa”, all we want to do, is sway, dance and raise our hands.

Picture of Chike performing on stage

"Hard To Find" comes on with the "pon pon" beat, with the legendary highlife and afrobeat superstar, Flavour adding sauce and Flavour to the song. It's a storytelling track about unrequited love. Flavour is reliably excellent on this record, and some of his lines are especially noteworthy.

On Dancehall "Winner" and the party tune, "Bad", Chike sings on a fast-tempo instrumental. He flows effortlessly, "Bad" evokes strong emotions, Chike sings about how difficult it is to move on from the heartbreak of his lover, and he's ready to go back and settle.

Picture of Chike performing on stage

With "Zamo", "Pour Me Drink", "God Only Knows", and "Nothing Less, Nothing More", Chike explores the soulful part of his musical gene, with piano keys giving the emotions. The song is a nod to mental health awareness, has Chike admitting to the pressure of love and expresses the desire to give it all. With 'God Only Knows', it's back to processing memories of a lover's past.

Here, Chike is significantly revelling in regrets. Rendered from the perspective of a selfish lover has Chike yelling, "I tell you where I keep am, It's missing, Say you show me, love But deep down you be poison".

"Nothing Less, Nothing more" is a dirge. Chike mourns a lover who is presumed to have crossed to the other side. Reeking in a sorrowful state, the background choral added the emotions.

"Zamo" is a ballad. Chike begs for clarity. The singer needs to know if it's true love without an attachment of a reason. He sings, "What if things come to change, What if I no get money as I take get before". He pleads with his lover not to change her ways. He Begs her to keep to her promise of not letting him down before diving into the ocean of love.

Picture of Chike

"You Deserve" is a melodious R&B having palpable chemistry with the rapper YCEE. It's a reflective song about a man who thinks his lover deserves more than he gives. YCEE verses were deep, serenading his way through the song.

"Enough" is rendered from the perspective of a pained lover who got dumped by his lover who thinks "he's not enough" while it's coming from a place of hurt, the artist appreciates his efforts in giving in to make the relationship work.

"Moving On" is a song for lovers raising the "I don't care" flags for lovers who want to move on. It's the second dance hall track on the album, starting with the Jamaican patois. It's laced with punchy bass beats hitting hard and guitar tick flowing through the song.

It will be interesting to see how party-goers translate the vibes in "Good Things" at Nigeria's nightclubs. A feel-good song which speaks on patience and prayer to achieve one's plan.

Picture of Chike

The album closes out with a light-hearted track, "Please". The artists shared some deep and personal issues about him. It has a message, but this time, it's more of an entreaty to the listeners.

It's a good way to end the album because after the effort he's injected into his career so far, it will be truly painful if he's forgotten or doesn't get anything in return. After all, a legacy is only one if it remains after the person is gone. He sang, "At the end of my journey, Make something dey for me. I don't wanna lose everything wey I gather, I no wan go my village for okada. I don't wanna lose everything wey I gather."

Overall, "The Brother's Keeper" was a good album. The music on this album was more diverse. On this one, Chike stamps his authority as Nigeria's current king of Love Songs. He made good additions to his discography with diverse themed songs on this album.

Picture of Chike Performing Live

What makes the album sweeter is the smooth production. The Artistry was top-notch here. Everything is deep in a way that does not scream, "you must know I have depth." It's effortless, smooth, and carries more than just music. It packs a feeling of soundtracking love as we go along on the ride from track one to sixteenth. It's a 10/10 album.

What are your thoughts about Chike's Artistry? Is "The Brother's Keeper" truly a fantastic sophomore, or does Chike need to refine his sounds? Let's hear your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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