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Erigga The Lost Boy Album Review. Erigga The Lost Boy Album Pays Tribute to His Past Experiences

Nov 28

Erigga The Lost Boy Album Review. Erigga The Lost Boy Album Pays Tribute to His Past Experiences

Erigga - The Lost Boy Album Review. Erigga's The Lost Boy Album Pays Tribute to His Past Experiences. In “The Lost Boy” Album, TrendyBeatz analyses how this album pays tribute to his past while he’s keen on his future ambition and how the album reflects on his success story in the spotlight.

There are two major tiers of rappers in the Nigerian hip-hop industry. The full English and the indigenous rappers, although both tiers occasionally add their lyrics with pidgin English, their language of trade either lean toward English or native languages.

Erigga is one of the major pidgin rappers in the country, the link between the English and indigenous rappers - As a bridge between the two major tiers of Nigerian rap, like vector and others.

Erigga is not a newbie to the Nigerian music industry. He has spent over a decade in the hip-hop industry, bursting with his rhymes and punchlines. Erigga, whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie, and who is fondly known as “Erigga Paperboi”. He’s a Warri-born rapper and singer born on the 30th of March 1987 and started his music career in early 2010. Ever since he started, Erigga has owned six standard projects to his name coupled with this new album titled “The Lost Boy”

Erigga the Lost Boy Album Artwork

Erigga is known for his uncanny ability to connect his message to the “ghetto” through his pure lyrical mixing, slang and wisdom-filled verses.

The album kick-started with “Insha Allah”, where he featured EBII. The rapper started with high-end energy, where he burst lines that made reflections on his past. The hip-hop beat is laced with piano chords and synths coupled with basslines. In the track, Erigga puts a middle finger at the critics who have underrated his art and said negative things about his rap style. He said: “If I dey look wetin guy men dey talk for back, I for don stop dey rap”. Singer EBBI’s contribution to the chorus ooze optimism; albeit not a memorable chorus, it complements Erigga’s verses.

In “L with V’s”, it clearly showed that no matter how refined Erigga becomes, it’s hard for him to lose his rawness and style. His boldness on this song is culpable, and it oozes through the bars and the energetic delivery of his rap lines. It’s a great revealer of Erigga’s penmanship and creative storytelling skills in rap.

Erigga the Lost Boy Album Backcover

He took the listener through his state of mind when he said The only L we dey take dey come with V,” he says on ‘L with V’s’. No one can hinder his shine, he brags.

The third track, “How many Gyal” featuring YUANG is a sultry, steamy song meant to make the cold weather warm. Its sultry lyrics are crafted for love in cold weather. Erigga sounded like a playboy, someone who could not fight for love. He delivers his funny lyrics and laces them with sensual innuendos, as usual. The chorus is soothing. YUANG sounded like Blaqbonez.

“Vawulence” is a chaotic song. According to the title, it means Violence but is spelt in Twitter pop culture as causing problems and dragging people online. It’s a trap beat, and Erigga flows smoothly to send an important message to online mobs. It’s a jam.

Erigga Picture

“Broke or rich” ft Jay Teazer radiates a poignant message about people’s fake love for wealthy people and looking down on poor people. Erigga’s verse is sleek and comical. Striving to match Erigga’s humorous verse, Jay Teazer gave a soft tuneful chorus, with keyboard strings flowing through the background best. The lyrics “Nobody is your best friend o, even your brother no be your brethren o” stands out. Their collaboration on this song is more cohesive than in the tenth track, “A girl called Grace”, and the twelfth track “The Lost Boy”, where YUANG put in a perfect shift for the chorus. The song captures Erigga’s state of mind, where he raps about his Grass to Grace journey.

With “Family Ties”, it’s clear that Erriga is a calm rapper. His thoughts were assisted by a melodic chorus delivered by Oga Network. Erigga raps on the slow-paced, highlife ditty. The song recounts how people appreciate you only when you have. The featured act, Oga Network, gives a humorous chorus that warns people not to only show up only when everything is fine. He sings: “If na only food dy make you come around, e no good o, if trouble dy work dy, make you try dy come around”

The Drill on “Perfect Timing” featuring Jeriq revolves around the phases of life. With an energetic rap verse from Jeriq where Erigga takes a trip back to a time in his life, his painful experiences, the morals he learned through it, and how he keeps his head up high.

The PsychoYP-featured “Lit” track doesn’t have the spark. Erigga’s Braggadocio came into play in this song. He brags about his luxury lifestyle where he and Pyscho YP both echo, “All my guys are lit”, which is reminiscent of the pop culture slang “All my guys are ballers”. It’s both bopping and raucous. The production makes the song less appealing.

Erigga Picture

The soulful, grazing vocals of Mephyz serenade the ears on “Cotton Candy” he lays a soothing chorus that provides that feeling needed to enjoy the song that is inarguably one of the best tracks on the album. Erigga’s lines are cheesy and easy to remember.

Delivering his message on what seems like love & lack of fidelity. Painting a vision of love that material things can buy.

On the grill-tinged “PTSD.” Odumodublvck gave his full energy. The track is laced with punchlines, wordplay and storytelling of their successes, loss and pains before he decided to settle down for music. His past still hurts; hence he still has Post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s a fighter.

“Ballads of a Lost Boy” is truly a ballad as the closing track of the album. Erigga became emotional and displayed his penmanship and storytelling skills.

The Lost Boy is a dark affair of pains, hardship and sadness engraved in this music that envelopes his state of mind.

Erigga Picture

The “Lost Boy Album” is a potpourri of Trap, R&B, Highlife, and Drill. The Album sees Erigga reaching into his emotions to craft Pain-centric songs and, at the same time, touch on topics revolving around fake love and relationship.

Erigga sermonises about his grass-to-grace journey. The story is raw and undiluted. It’s a tribute to his past while he stays focused on his bright future.

It’s an album that displayed Erigga’s clever wordplays, witty punchlines, and cornball storytelling as he sermonises on his grass-to-grace journey. His lyrics are filled with humour with his command of the English language, and the Nigerian pidgin English makes his songs easy to assimilate.

The production on the album is not that perfect, except on songs like “Family Ties”, “Lit”, and “Perfect timing”. In all, it’s safe to say Erigga is one of the most consistent rappers in Nigeria and the Lost Boy’ is a well-curated body of work that puts a testament to that fact.

Do you think “The Lost Boy” is impressive enough? What improvement do you think Erigga should have inputted to do a perfect project? Let’s know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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