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Asake and Seyi Vibes: The Similarity In Styles And The Battle Of The Best

Dec 02

Asake and Seyi Vibes: The Similarity In Styles And The Battle Of The Best

Asake and Seyi Vibes: The Similarity In Styles And The Battle Of The Best. In this article, Trendybeatz analyses the similarities in Seyi Vibez and Asake's music flow and delivery, the motivations behind their songs and maintaining the balance on the argument on who the better artist is.

On the 4th of January, just recently after the release of Seyi Vibez's "chance na ham" video , a Twitter user with the handle "Tellemmmmm" quoted the video with "One Asake at a time please". The comment - which was aimed to throw jabs at Seyi Vibes - became a point of discourse due to the fact that there's been an existing comparison of Seyi Vibez and Asake's music in social media, most especially on Twitter, where the arguments brew from. While some would say, Seyi Vibez is following the same sonic pattern carved out by Asake, some, on the other end, opined that Seyi has been on that same style for a long and he's only jumping on the Amapiano/crowd vocal trend.

No doubt that Seyi Vibez shines more when he motivates or talks about his upbringing. We can't really say the same about Asake - it's always the verses laced up with lingo to create colourful party records.

Asake Picture

Amidst all the comparisons and biased objectives about the top two leading street pop artists, One thing remains a fact - Asake and Seyi Vibez are both talented artists. However, they are very similar stylistically. But fundamentally, they are different on the basis of what influenced their style of music. Basically, Asake's style is mostly influenced by the bright fusion of Hip-Hop with Fuji, unlike Seyi Vibez, who, on the other end, is a little more Apala and Hip-Hop - technique-wise and a little less Fuji than Asake.

In their song delivery, one would evidently see that Seyi Vibez flows - not sings - exactly the same way as 9ice, even with the bass voice. One could liken him to Terry Apala and still be right. The baritone and delivery are by way of the Apala hip-hop artist - Terry Apala. Fuji is the music of the people, while Apala is the sound of the elites. That is, Apala and Fuji are stylistic derivatives of one another.

The Battle Of The Best: The Coexistence of Two Kings?

For every comparison, there's always that need to reach that conclusion on who the better artist is.

Now the big question remains: How do you quantify who the better Is? What will your metrics to knowing the better artiste be? Sure, this is going to be a difficult question to answer, and obviously, the opinions would tilt towards a particular artist due to reference. There can't be a factual statement to prove that one is better. If we conduct a questionnaire and ask you to break down why you think one is better, I'm sure your argument would start with "to me…."

Seyi Vibez Picture

The fact & the only clear thing is that Asake is the bigger artist. Anyone who chooses Seyi Vibez as the better artist obviously chooses him because they want to be a contrarian. It's hard, or rather impossible, to see someone present any factual claim to support the argument. Most people choose Seyi Vibez because he's the underdog, and it's just plain human nature.

Even in footballing, It's why most people pick Mane over Salah. And choose Mbappe over Messi when it's quite obvious who the bigger player is. Human beings always love the underdog the most. Ordinarily, not much separates Asake and Seyi Vibez. And you can enjoy both of them. If only human beings would say 'I prefer xxxx' more. Instead of 'X' being better, then arguments will always be more straightforward. as for how Seyi Vibez might be using Asake's teaser style, the logic is simple; Inspiration and imitation of art is flattery - well, except you are Drake or Chris Brown. If something works, then would he not do it? For all we know, Asake samples and makes interpolations of some artists in his song - like he did in PBUY, where he sampled "The Remedies" on the Sakomo record. However, it might just not be advisable for Seyi Vibez to keep doing it.

Asake Picture

He already has unwanted comparisons with Asake. And it might not be healthy to keep toying with the route for long. It might be better to forge his own path and step away from the Asake comparisons. The world is never fair on 'the other guy.' But he also can't help it that he has stylistic similarities to Asake, can he? He can't just go and start singing falsetto like Oxlade or hit some high pitch like Wande Coal. Both of them share a similar profile, and it's evident in their delivery.

It's not enough to just put a blanket on everything, guys. Seyi Vibez is more Terry Apala, than a ‘Mama Said’ boy/Asake. But with a little less Apala. Similar cadences. Similar technique. A similar approach to flows. Similar unpredictability of flows. But different brands of vocal manipulation.

Seyi Vibez Picture

In all, it's hard to know who the best is. Judging by longevity. Seyi Vibes trumps Asake. That he came into the limelight before Asake got the YBNL label signing.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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Man of justice
Asake is father to seyi vibe$,the both are good but one person is more special(asake)


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