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Chocolate City Releases Love and Chocolate Vol 2 Compilation. Stream and Play Now

Apr 18

Chocolate City Releases Love and Chocolate Vol 2 Compilation. Stream and Play Now

Chocolate City Releases Love and Chocolate Vol. 2 Playlist Compilation. This playlist holds in its grasp the memories of how Love was from the early days of Chocolate City artists to now. It's a playlist that people can listen to while enjoying each other's lovely company.

The season of Love is one of the most remarkable seasons for people in every part of the world. It's that season that reminds us all why Love is such a sweet and beautiful feeling. It's the season whereby people reach out to their loved ones and express their feelings.

It's not a day set aside for people in romantic relationships alone, it's celebrated, even by people without significant others and for people who share the same blood. Be it a parent-child relationship, or sister-brother relationship, everyone, regardless of the relationship that exists between them, deserves to show and be shown Love.

For this year's Valentine's season, entertainment giant Chocolate City Music has teamed up with technology company Chowdeck to provide mouth-watering meals to people as well as exciting goodies attached. This collaboration allows people to order meals from the platform and receive extra cookies with their order courtesy of Chocolate City.

This partnership also results from Chocolate City's "Love & Chocolate" Campaign - a well-crafted portmanteau of Love and intimacy-themed songs from the label's back catalogue, curated in Love and sweet sensations. This partnership is the perfect inking to complement the beautiful Valentine's day & this season of Love.

Play and Stream the Chocolate City's Love and Chocolate Compilation Playlist here

1- MI Abaga feat. Wizkid - Mine

Released in 2014. MI collaborates with Wizkid on this lovey-dovey track, and it stands out as one of the most beautiful songs on his album. "Mine" is a sultry, groovy, sensual and rhythmic ditty that still sounds like it was released yesterday. The sonics blend in nicely. Works in an evening playlist.

"Be mine, be mine, Baby be mine, Be mine, Never leave my sight. Baby don't leave my sight, Wherever you go, I wanna be, girl I wanna be, My baby girl, we are meant to be." Wizkid begs for the lady's attention & MI Abaga is also not shy in writing about his desire as he lays his thoughts and feelings bare: "So tell me the password to your wi-fi, So we can connect. Are you a shy type, I love a shy girl, You should be my girl, Did you smoke something, cos it's hot girl, Let's flow like a new mixtape" MI raps.

Chocolate City Love and Chocolate Compilation Vol2 Artwork Frontcover

2- Dice Ailes - Enough

"Enough" chronicles a love life that's not money oriented. It maintains the boy-meets-girl narrative that portrays Dice Ailes emphasizing loving instead of focusing on money.

"Them say when the money go the honey go, The money show them go run to you, Owo epo laye n bani la. They laugh at you then go laugh with you" Dice's songwriting is really deep and he proved himself as a mature artist with soothing melodies. There's a sonic similarity in the direction of the song to Mr Eazi's Leg Over track, A little bit of guitar sole is infused in the sonics. It's a soulful love tune.

3- Ice Prince - More

The track "More" is what you get when a rapper sings and raps at the same time. Produced by the creative producer "chopstix", This exists as one of the love songs on Ice Prince's sophomore album titled "Fire Of Zamani". Ice Prince flows on a reggae-tinged beat while requesting more from his supposed lover' the emotion in this track is palpable. The introspection that comes with using alto makes for a well-composed piece.

"All the times you shut me out, see the rain was heavy on me, Every time I look in the sky, I feel like a burden, a pain is on me" This line provides insight into what the song's message is centred on. Ice Prince is a sweet boy when he is lovelorn. The guitar solo is magical and it works perfectly well on the song.

4- M.I Abaga ft Waje - One Naira

The soulful, grazing vocals of Waje serenade the ears on "One naira" – the 4:32 track is a love, fun spiced and groovy song. MI's lyrics are cheesy and Waje's chorus is easily magnetic. The lush production becomes the drive for Waje's horny vocals and MI Abaga's declarative lines; "You're a diamond you're priceless, A lot of girls shine you the brightest, If you ever try to leave me like this, I'll follow you like three blind mice sis, So here's my proposal baby, Love me though the money is a maybe, And if your friends say that you are crazy, What can they see." MI Abaga professes his Love in a witty, but confident manner.

5- Jesse Jagz ft Brymo - Love You

"Love You" is a track that manages to hold its own, the title already gives the full insight into the content of the song. It's a feel-good song that shows Jesse Jagz professing her Love with sweet words. It's a kind of love song that begs for dances in dimly lit rooms.

A Simple written song, but does the top. Labelmate Brymo hands in a memorable chorus with his sonorous vocals: Take my heart, I will give you more, Baby, be assured don't lie, And it's yours oh baby, Take my hand I need you to my heart, The feeling's so strong, So say baby, say baby". There's a bass guitar playing underneath this song that gives it a sensual feeling. Jesse Jagz & Brymo's synergy on this song is everything called perfect.

6- Brymo - Good Morning

"Good Morning" is Brymo's morning message to a woman she loves. It's deliberate about its beauty. Tell her to express her younger self. It's sultry, and rich in melody, delivery, ad-libs and tone. The sonics blend in nicely.

It will be interesting to see how partygoers translate the vibes in "Good Morning" at a late-night party. Laced on boisterous snares and infectious percussion, it's one of the standout tracks of this playlist.

Chocolate City Love and Chocolate Compilation Vol2 Artwork Backcover

7- M.I Abaga ft Oxlade - All My Life

On the guitar- and baseline-pivoted tune "All My Life" produced by Chopstix, MI is both romantic and comical with words on the Oxlade-assisted track, "All my life" featuring the sonorous vocalist, Oxlade.

Oxlade sings and compliments M.I Abaga with the hook and chorus that sends a message to the woman he loves; "Oh baby oh, all my life, Girl I've been wishing you could be my (my wife), Baby, I've been searching, All my life, I've been wishing you could be, Be my bride." Oxlade expresses his feeling in the most vulnerable way.

8- Dice Ailes - Ella

"Ella" joins the leagues of melodious love track tunes. You may not understand the soothing nature of the melody, or the mastery with which "Dice Ailes" plays with minor keys and sharpened notes until it's a cold Friday night with your lover.

The piano and the backing chorals towards the end of the songs sets an emotional mood. The song is built on admiration for a girl called 'ELLA'.

9- Ruby Gyang - Crushing

Ruby Gyang is one genius of a soulful female artist in Nigeria's music scene. It's a song that cannot be pulled off by just anyone, it's a technical way of singing as she reached some high notes in the song. It's a declaration of Love and affection. "I'm crushing over you, I'm crushing over you.

It's a keyboard strings-drenched ballad, and a demonstrative tune spiced with open confession to a man's Love.

10- MI Abaga ft Nonso Amadi - Playlist

The song "playlist" makes up one of the best songs on the playlist. Nonso Amadi, the featured artist on the song, makes the best use of the collaboration by delivering a well-scripted and sultry chorus. The 'Tonight' crooner delivery is a testament to his song's dynamism.

A loving M.I Abaga is an obsessed M.I ABAGA. "I want to know where you live girl, I want to watch when you sleep girl, I don't want something, for now, girl, I want to share something deep girl" makes for giggles, with Chopstix's production ticking the box with the mid-tempo. The song ended with the voice of a lady laughing as the sound faded slowly into the fray.

11- Yung L - Anya

"Anya" bears instrumentation that is vaguely similar to Fireboy's 'Vibration', but it holds its own amidst a mid-tempo vibe. It is an ultra-groovy afrobeat love tune that is so infectious, and if you are the type that is averse to dancing, you would find it difficult to resist the song's melody.

Yung L sings for two different ladies. In the first verse, he sings "Amanda me like you, me like the way that you are work it o" and in the second verse, she switched to Suzanna; "Me sing Suzanna, me like you, me like the way that you are work it o rotate"

12- Ice Prince - Baby

On the mid-tempo track titled "Baby", the love-struck rapper Ice Prince attempts to serenade with lyrics like "If I must die you must be my grave, If I must mad you must be my case, If I must chop you must be my taste, Omo if I must high my must be my blaze." he crowns his intention with metaphorical lines.

Ice Prince as a rapper didn't miss the chance to display his wordplay lyrical prowess when he said "Occupy space, he no matter" – such an elite way of using pick-up lines to plead with the subject of his attention.

13- M.I Abaga ft Seyi Shay - Always Love

Seyi Shay is your female favourite vocalist's favourite vocalist, and yes it's not a tautology, you can read it again. In this song, she proves her mettle with an infectious intro alongside MI while she lays her alto underneath M.I's voice.

M.I Abaga has always known how to craft and write love songs, and the penmanship in this song reinstates that fact. "Always Love" is a slow-tempo love ballad.

14- Ckay - Chinekeme

'Chinekeme" is an R&B lusty tune that is built on admiration and a feeling of hedonism for a girl. It serves as a direct romantic letter calling for her body.

In this song, Ckay combines the use of Yoruba and English while using the Igbo name "baby Ifuneme", without the shyness to express his lust, he openly expresses his carnal desire in "your body on my body, my body on your body" lines.

15- Ice Prince - Marry You

"Marry You" is a declaration of Love, an assurance of faithfulness to a lover, and a complete resolution of commitment to marriage. It's a kind of love song created especially for weddings. The percussion, specifically, the talking drums makes the song groovy.

"I go buy you Versace I buy you Givenchy" sees Ice Prince promising her potential lady luxury fashion items to show how much he cares.

16- M.I Abaga ft Wande - The Love Song

On the melodious love song titled, "The Love Song", off M.I's "The Guy" album, two legendary artists collaborated to create a brilliant tune. It's not a piece of news that Wande Coal's strength stems from his sublime vocals and this song, and he displayed it fully on this track. M.I Abaga hands in the energy, and although the penmanship falls short, it's a great synergy song from the two artists.

17- Young John ft. Vedo - Next To You

Young Jonn features the US-based artist, Vedo, a singer. This Amapiano track sees Young John drowning in Love with a lady. Vedo's contribution to this song is like adding Maggi to food.

His verse added flavour, and his enchanting vocals and lyrics added more energy to the song's harmony. It's a feel-good love song and a tribute to party bangers.

18- Noon Dave - Brunch

Noon Dave as a Nigerian artist is a combination of Ckay and Rema. "Brunch" is such a technical way to sing a love song.

"Oh, my pretty Cinderella, Me I no dey feel Jessica, Na because of you, me no send Jennifer," sees Noon Dave prioritizing Cinderella's Love over Jessica and Jennifer.

There's a lot of sultriness and sensuality in the song as Noon Dave displays his 'bad boy' side.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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