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An Unbiased Review of The 15th Headies Award by TrendyBeatz

Jul 21

An Unbiased Review of The 15th Headies Award by TrendyBeatz

In this article, TrendyBeatz analyses some of the obvious reasons “The Headies Award” changed its location, the anomalies detected in the shows, and controversial takes about winners of some of the categories.

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Everyone loves to receive their flowers while they can still smell them. Award is that entity that serves as recognition and validates people for something they do. It’s a trophy, a plaque or certificate designed to appeal to the egoistic parts of creatives, artists, musicians, and many others by offering them a public reward that certifies their skill as superior to others.

This is the premise that “The Headies Award” is built on. Over the years, The Headies has shown and proven its platform as the head of all music awards platforms in Nigeria. The 15th Edition of The prestigious award ceremony, which dominantly celebrates excellence and mastery in the Nigerian music industry and beyond, was held on Sunday, September 4th, 2022, at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Picture of Fireboy and Olah Lay at the headies award

Evolution and Change of Location: From Lagos, Nigeria to Atlanta, Georgia, The United States of America.

On March 1st this year, The Headies Awards announced that the 15th edition of its award show themed “Join The Movement” will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with a partnership from the US consulate.

It garnered a lot of controversial opinions on the internet because this is the first time the legacy award ceremony has left Nigeria. While some people believe that it’s not the right thing to do, since the award is from Nigeria and made for Nigeria, then apparently, it should stay in its home country. Some agreed that it’s the best way to choose to take it to the diaspora and create a new path.

The Headies need the foreign agencies to refocus their attention on the award show. Therefore, the most recurring explanation from the organisers and affiliates for the Headies taking a Nigerian award from Lagos to Atlanta is “the spirit of expansion”.

Afrobeat to the world is in sway, and the music is making waves in new markets. Why not export the award shows too? Interestingly, this is the direction the organisers want to go, but it’s hard to make an argument against profit and the flight of our arts and the systems that support them. Headies is aiming for expansion, and the US represents an opportunity for a global brand push. Picking the USA was not a mistake.

The Headies: ‘Mic Check’ Talent Discovery

Mic Check is a talent discovery project by Smooth Promotions, the organisers of The Headies Awards. Mic Check stands as the Biggest talent event in Africa by turning an everyday artiste into an instant superstar. It’s a plan to hunt down some of the most talented acts, put them through a system, and find a star.

This is another amazing strategy by The Headies. It gives the artist range and platforms to kickstart his way into stardom.

The Show Quality: Host, Performance and Arrangement

Headies award lingering problems seems not to have abated despite the change of location. From audio to visual, stage management and the whole set-up. At the end of it all, you wonder if a 20% pass mark was not too much to give.

Picture of the  Headies Stage

As much as the organisers of The Headies Award show should be applauded for their consistency and relevance for over a decade and a half, it seems as though priorities are not placed on what to upgrade on, considering previous errors and mistakes. Here are some of the things we discovered about the 15th edition of The Headies award.

Based on the quality of the show and the change of locations, Headies didn’t deliver on their American dream. There were obvious disorganisations on the stage and even in the arrangements of the venue. Anthony Anderson, an American comedian, paired with Osas Ighodaro to host a Nigerian music award show, didn’t end well. There are noticeable lapses displayed by the two hosts on the stage.

Questionable Winners In Certain Categories

Talking about the most questionable winner in all the nominee’s categories, then it should be no other person than “Olamide” Badoo, who won the award for the best rap album with his album “CARPE DIEM”. It’s no doubt that favouritism came to play because “Carpe Diem” is not a rap project; it’s an afro pop album that Olamide used to explore new sounds. What exactly is rap? In that group, there exists “Clone Wars Vol. 5 – The Algorithm” by Show Dem Camp, “Golden” by A-Q, “Mafia Culture, Vol. 2.0” by Idowest, “Providence” by Ladipoe and “Sex Over Love” by Blaqbonez.

Blaqbonez dropped a life-changing album, “Sex over love”, and some critics have since said that he played an instrumental role in reviving hip-hop from the grave. It’s nearly heart-shattering how the Headies managed to ignore him and the impact he has had recently on hip-hop.

It’s quite puzzling how some names appear in certain categories. At this point, it’s glaring that no one knows the metrics being used in placing artists in their respective categories. What’s “Loading” ft Bad Boy Timz, a street pop, doing in the Best Rap Single category?

In a list where we have “Breathe” by A-Q Feat Chike, “Crown Of Clay” by Vector & Mi Abaga Feat. Pheelz, “Early Momo” by Vector Feat. Goodgirl LA, “Feeling” by Ladipoe Feat. BNXN (Buju), “Tycoon” by Show Dem Camp Feat Reminisce & Mojo.

The most ridiculous category in The Headies category is the producer of the year category, which needs to be adjusted. The volume all around the year is ridiculed & only one song is nominated.

Considering the sheer volume and quality, P Priime should be the producer of the year. Little wonder Sarz dedicated his award to him on stage while delivering his award speech.

In all honesty, “Cash App” by Bella Shmurda ft Zlatan & Lincoln deserves to win the best Street-Hop Artiste and not Nektunez & Goya Menor’s “Ameno Amapiano (Remix)” considering its influence and how it blew. Although, if “Zazoo” by Portable, Poco Lee and Olamide was not disqualified, it would have been the best contender on the list.

Don Jazzy And D Banj Saga: Drama on Stage

Some people had opinionated that perhaps Mavin artistes’ inability to win major categories could be responsible for the lukewarmness reaction Don Jazzy gave to D Banj when he called him up on stage after he was awarded.

Some have said Don Jazzy was shy. But could that be true? I guess not. Don Jazzy was not happy and not in the right mood for D Banj’s shenanigans.

Could it be from their rift? Well, it’s hard to rule it out.

In all, despite the loopholes and errors, we cannot deny the Headies Award’s influence over the Music Industry in Nigeria and Africa. Every year people talk down about the award show, but artists still celebrate themselves anytime they get nominated or awarded.

However, Headies needs to be upgraded. An institution or academy should be constructed. The days of fans voting should be eliminated. Professional music critics, veteran musicians, erudite music experts and producers should join this academy.

There should be room for transparency and credibility. Who voted for which category? Show us the score.

What can you say about the 15th Edition of Headies Award? Is this the worst or the best edition of the Headies so far? Should they have stayed in Lagos, Nigeria, instead of taking it abroad? Which category do you think is wrong? Let’s know your thoughts.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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