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Chocolate City Releases New Women Month-themed Compilation Titled SHERO. Play and Stream Now

Jun 24

Chocolate City Releases New Women Month-themed Compilation Titled SHERO. Play and Stream Now

Chocolate City Releases New Women's Month-themed Compilation Titled "SHERO." Whether you are spending this International Women's Day working hard or enjoying a well-deserved day to relax, these empowering bops will surely get their celebration off to a strong start.

Women's History Month is one of the most important celebrations in the equality calendar. The event recognises the achievements of female academics, adventurers and activists, who have defined society as we know it but are regularly left out of school curriculums and industry discussions. It's the month dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements in all sectors of the world, ranging from the social, political, cultural and economic impact.

Shero: Compilation Album is a project by entertainment giants of Chocolate City to celebrate, adulate, & eulogize the beautiful women living around us. It will get International Women's Day off to a confident start. This playlist is perfectly curated and contains iconic empowerment anthems.

Play and Stream Chocolate City's SHERO Playlist Compilation HERE

1- Candy Bleakz ft Teni - Baba Nla

On the 28th of march 2021, Candy Bleakz teamed up with Teni to release an upbeat song titled, ‘’baba nla’’ – a Yoruba word which translates to a big man, which was their own ironic, yet a metaphorical way of calling themselves a boss in the industry. On the Niphkeys produced song, Teni laced the song with her melodic hook, while Candy Bleakz was relentless in her delivery; with her street lingo. Born Akiode Blessing, she proved her ‘’Queen of the streets’’ status, rapping and utilizing a double-line delivery, coupled with her ad-libs ‘’baba yin, baba yin, baba yin’’

2- Victoria Kimani - Show

The Kenya singer and songwriter, Victoria Kimani did a thing with the dance floor song ‘’show’’. The braggadocio & swagger on display make for some good Friday evening pop music. The self-assuredness on full display in the lines ‘I dey killi show, i dey scatter show, na me be the Koko, sweet chocolate’’ is endearing with what sounds like Ice Prince’s vocal chanting ' ‘immediately’’ as a call and response.

3- Ruby Gyang - Kale Ni

On ‘’Kale ni,’’ Ngohide Ruby Ann GyangGyang, better known by her stage name Ruby Gyang got in touch with her roots, she steps hard on the pedal, as drums meet xylophone and backing vocals on this potential club banger. Her Clever penmanship seals the intercourse between house music, boogie-woogie, and EDM lyrics with Hausa lyrics, which embrace the idea of a young, free and lively lifestyle.

Chocolate City SHERO Compilation Artwork1 Frontcover

4- Ice Prince - Baby

The mid-tempo track, "Baby" joins the love song hall of fame that adores a lady. Easy listening, has romantic lyrics, and a nice blend of guitars, keys and drums. The lines "If I must die you must be my grave, If I must mad you must be my case, If I must chop you must be my taste, Omo, if I must high my, must be my blaze"’ is enchanting.

It's nothing that you have not heard before. It's a love song that will find its way into couple-themed Instagram reels if it was released in recent times of social media integration.

5- Dice Ailes ft Lil Kesh - Miracle

Dice Ailes and Lil Kesh team up to pleasing effect in a track, a catchy mid-tempo pon-pon sound whose narrative gushes over a love interest. It appreciates the beauty of the lady with comparison to the word "miracle," and dwells on the need for clarity in romance, amidst lyrics like ‘’Oh girl, your body is a Miracle (Miracle), Come here, I notice Miracle (Miracle), The way she whines, unbelievable ('lievable), I need a Miracle (Miracle), Oh girl, your body is a Miracle (Miracle)"

Lil Kesh came with his A-game on rap delivery, and Ckay puts in a decent shift with production.

6- Ruby Gyang ft Nneka - Beautiful

The chemistry between Ruby Gyang and Nneka makes up for a perfect song, radiating self-appreciation. The reggae-tinged track had interpolations of Tatiana Manoise's ‘’like You’.’

On first listen, it sounds like vocals have been prioritized over lyricism, but Nneka brought her pen to the studio here. The lines, "you are still beautiful" and her falsetto are more profound than the percussions will let you notice.

7- MI Abaga ft Cina Soul - Stop! Never Second Guess Yourself

Why visit a therapist when you can listen to this track that appreciates women and their essence? On the hip-hop track, MI Abaga and Cina Soul teamed up together to chronicle the oscillating emotions that come with self-awareness, self-appreciation and boosting one's self-esteem.

Love is nothing if it does not inspire compassion, and the line "Can I trust that you won't hurt me? Is that the, Yes, okay, and hurt me by leaving me? Or hurt me by taking from me? Or hurt me by cheating on me? Hurt me by cheating on me and leaving me" by Cina Soul is a declaration that borders the emotions.

8- Ckay - Nkechi

Before he started gaining traction, before he dubbed his sound as Emo-afro beats that launched him into the mainstream, Chukwuka Ekweani, popularly known as Ckay, sings commercial afro beats. The song, "Nkechi" is one of his old afropop song catalogs.

In the mid-tempo track, he sings about a lady he called Nkechi and the need for her to chop life to the fullest. Guitar and the beat cuddle and make out yet again. Not much lyricism going on, but you can't go wrong with a catchy refrain and infectious rendering of the guitar ticks.

Chocolate City SHERO Compilation Artwork2 Backcover

9- Ruby Gyang ft Classiq and Kings - Har Abada

The songwriter and singer, Ruby Gyang express her emotions on the upbeat track titled “Har Abada’’ with some parts done in the Hausa dialect. Ruby sings this love song to share the joy that exists in love unions. It is a promise of forever made by one lover to another. A few sentences portray endearment like ‘’I will love you till the end of time." with Classiq and Kings contributing classic delivery in the Hausa language.

Keyboards wail in the background while Ruby Gyang gushes over a love interest. It reeks of 6-week-old romance & makes for slow-dance-in-the-living-room music.

10- Dice Ailes - Ella

‘’Ella’’ is one of the old, underrated melodious love track tunes that dominated the airwave when Dice Ailes was released. You may not understand the soothing nature of the melody, or the mastery with which ‘’Dice Ailes’’ plays with minor keys and sharpened notes until it's a cold Friday night with your lover.

The piano and the backing chorals towards the end of the songs sets an emotional mood. The song is built on admiration for an imaginary girl called ‘ELLA’. With Ckay’s contribution as the producer, Dice went back in time to sing about ‘’rain rain, go away, come again another day’’ - a traditional nursery rhyme that was published in the 17th century.

11- Loose Kaynon feat. Victoria Kimani - Like A Woman

"Like A Woman" is a really beautiful love song. The mid-tempo song is easy to sleep on, but the slow tempo of the beat is hypnotizing and useful for a windy Friday evening. The artists, especially Loose Kanon, contributed to the song to make the song lively.

Victoria Kimani’s part on the track conjures images of flirting under dim lights at a lounge on a Friday. The backing hums make for a melody that works.

12- Ice Prince ft Chip - Mercy

What do you get when two hardcore rappers collide in the studio to make a sensual love song? Oh Lord of mercy, mercy, mercy, See my sexy, sexy, sexy, She's bigger than plenty, plenty, plenty Carry waist like Nicki Minaj and ..."

At some parts of the song, Ice Prince adores women and lusts over a lady’s body with autotune supplying some decent flavour.

13- Jesse Jagz- Sugarcane baby

Everything about this song screams wedding as singer and rapper Jesse Jagz steps hard on the pedal, as talking drums meet violin and backing vocals on this potential love song banger. The songwriting is romantic and poetic as the acoustic guitar elevates the atmospheric feel of the track. The lines ‘’I believe so much that you were specially made for me from heaven, Cos the way I feel about you is indescribable, You've made a difference in my life’’ reads more like a love letter than lyrics.

14- Candy Bleakz - Dragon Anthem

As the female street Queen, Candy Bleakz didn't hold back from flowing smoothly on the street anthem, titled ‘’Dragon Anthem’’. In the song, Clever penmanship seals the intercourse between Fuji and Amapiano. Percussions hold sway as Candy Bleakz croons about street rules and how she's being talked about as the star that she is. Amidst a nod to Naira Marley’s style, we can hear Zlatan’s ad-libs throughout the chorus of the song.

15- MI Abaga ft Lorraine Chia- You're like melody, my heart skips a beat

Lorraine Chia is your favourite vocalist, and he proves his mettle with an infectious hook with his voice sparkling nostalgia. MI Abaga has always known how to write about love, and on this track, he hands in the energy.

‘’And my intention isn't to flatter (uh), But I guess it doesn't matter (uh), Cause I ain't seen nobody badder(uh), And that ass is getting fatter’’ is quite a sleek bar, makes for giggles; Brilliant cadence and delivery.

SOURCE: TrendyBeatz

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